Dann Alexander

Author Dann Alexander’s Story

It’s just not for me. It’s not for many others. The choice of just saying “no” to having children seemed like maybe the easiest decision I have ever made.… Read the rest
Nina Steele

Partly losing my vision was a reminder to never take anything for granted

By Nina Steele At around 8.30am yesterday, I sat at my desk, ready for another day’s work. The morning was going as planned.… Read the rest

The case for spending it all when you are childless

By Nina Steele I have noticed recently that my attitude to what my legacy should be is changing. As I grow older and become more and more aware of my own mortality, the reality that no direct descendants will be left to benefit from what we have worked so hard to accumulate, is becoming ever so clear, prompting me to ask myself some very uncomfortable questions.… Read the rest


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Nina Steele was recently featured in the Telegraph, in response to Kim Cattrall’s appearance on BBC Woman’s Hour. Read her full article. Read more→

Desperate couples are having IVF treatment they don’t need

Professor Robert Winston has worked within the fertility industry for 40 years and is highly respected. In this Daily Mail article, he laments the Read more→

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