Wendy Metcalfe

Science Fiction Author Wendy Metcalfe’s Story

My name is Wendy Metcalfe and I decided I wanted to be childless at the age of twelve. That was when we kids worked out what sex and babies were about back then.… Read the rest
childless couples

What is the Point of Marriage Without Children?

By Victoria Fryer The other day, feeling a little down in the dumps, I decided to stop by the corner store in my neighborhood on my way home from work to pick up some candy.… Read the rest
becoming a minimalist

Childless people beware!

By Nina Steele As mentioned many times before, working for an old people’s charity has made me realise that I need not fear growing old without children.… Read the rest


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Daily Mail Columnist Liz Jones on why she voted conservative at the general election

As a childless woman, Liz Jones had become disillusioned with some of Labour's policies, including the benefit system, which in her eyes seemed to encourage people to give up work and have large families. Read the full article Read more