A Rosser’s Story

When I hit 40 I realised that I was in a minority. I was different, because all the women I knew had children or wanted children. I did not have any and I did not want any.… Read the rest

A time for reflection

A lot has happened this past year including some pretty awful events that many of us wish to forget. The blood of so many innocent lives has been shed, shaking our world to its core.… Read the rest

Why it pays to start planning for old age years in advance

Working with older people has taught me how unpredictable old age can be and how important it is to plan well in advance. Of course, you don’t have to start contacting solicitors about drawing up a power of attorney if you are still young and capable, but at least, it pays to start reading up about these things in order to get used to all the options available to you once you get old.… Read the rest


A Widow's Awakening

Read Nina Steele’s article on childlessness in the Mail & Guardian Africa

Why the stigma attached to being childless in Africa is far greater than in the West. Read the full article in the Mail & Guardian Africa Read more

Jennifer Aniston defends her choice to remain Childfree, again!

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download in the Boston Globe was featured in the Boston Globe. Read the full press release. Read more in the Daily Herald was featured in the Daily Herald. Read the full press release. Read more

Childless by choice

Childfree Author Laura Carroll’s Interview with Fab Over 50

When did you decide you didn’t want to have kids? The signs were there early. I was never really interested in playing ‘mom’ or dolls. In Junior High, I was taking all these occupational inventories about things you could grow up to be. I was much more interested in thinking about career than looking into the future about when I would be a mom. A lot of women may have felt this way, but still chose a more conventional route and had kids because of outside pressures. Why do you Read more

Cameron Diaz: childless and happy

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Being Childless by choice and its many challenges

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There is more to life than having Children

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1 in 5 women age 45 are childless according to figures from the ONS

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