William (Dann) Alexander

Author Dann Alexander’s Story

It’s just not for me. It’s not for many others. The choice of just saying “no” to having children seemed like maybe the easiest decision I have ever made.… Read the rest

Why is pity still the default reaction whenever you tell people you are childless by circumstance?

I was talking to a lady in her 60s the other day and as soon as I mentioned that I was childless by circumstance, her first words were ‘oh, I am really sorry; that must be difficult’.… Read the rest
Childless couples

Childlessness and the issue of legacy

In her book Confessions of a childfree woman, Marcia Drut-Davis recollects an incident in her past when she was invited as a guest speaker in a high school.… Read the rest


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Childless by choice

Childfree Author Laura Carroll’s Interview with Fab Over 50

When did you decide you didn’t want to have kids? The signs were there early. I was never really interested in playing ‘mom’ or dolls. In Junior High, I was taking all these occupational inventories about things you could grow up to be. I was much more interested in thinking about career than looking into the future about when I would be a mom. A lot of women may have felt this way, but still chose a more conventional route and had kids because of outside pressures. Why do you Read more

Cameron Diaz: childless and happy

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Being Childless by choice and its many challenges

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There is more to life than having Children

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1 in 5 women age 45 are childless according to figures from the ONS

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Why Some Childless women feel stigmatised

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Does having children make people happier?

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