Young childfree woman

Ellabelle’s Story: My whole future changed for the better when I decided not to have children

Growing up with an undiagnosed learning disability, not really knowing what I was good at, and being quite a nurturing person, I always assumed that I was destined for motherhood.… Read the rest
Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman has decided to choose the childfree life over becoming a mother: good for her!

By Nina Steele You can never please everyone and those who try always end up making themselves miserable. No matter how virtuous and decent a person you are, there will always be those who dislike you.… Read the rest
Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks: the childless woman whose courage helped change the course of American history (1913 – 2005)

By Nina Steele In her own words, she “was tired of giving in”, and so, on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks made a stand against the bus segregation law that had been in place in Montgomery, Alabama since 1900.… Read the rest