Keturah Kendrick

Keturah’s Story: The simplicity of knowing you do not want children

Looking to pitch a story about childfree black women to a mainstream publication, a journalist friend asked me: “When did you know that motherhood was just not for you?” Any woman who is childfree by choice is familiar with this question.… Read the rest
Maryanne Pope and her dog

A woman and her dog on the adventure of a lifetime

By Nina Steele Maryanne Pope has been a source of inspiration for me, ever since we became friends on social media, so much so that she has been featured on this website on more than one occasion.… Read the rest
Hannah Hauxwell

How Hannah Hauxwell became a national treasure after years of living in extreme poverty

By Nina Steele As life stories go, Hannah Hauxwell’s one has to be among some of the most inspiring. She was 46 in January 1973, and living in what can only be described as extreme poverty, when her life changed overnight, thanks to a documentary entitled “Too Long A Winter”, which chronicled the plight of farmers in the Pennines during the harsh winter months.… Read the rest