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Nina Steele is a global community for people who either through personal circumstances or by choice, do not have children. The site was created by Nina Steele in 2013. She and her husband tried and failed to conceive for 9 years. Details of their journey can be found in “Readers’ Stories”.

Having come to terms with not having children, Nina feels passionate about empowering other women and men still struggling, to live happy and fulfilled lives. Even though Nina is childless by circumstance, she recognises the need to learn from those people who are childless by choice/childfree, as their reasons for choosing not to have children and living fulfilled and happy lives can also help to inspire others.

Spirituality is a great part of Nina’s life. Her journey in search of the truth (which ultimately is to be found within all of us), started around the year 2003. And so, the message on this website promotes acceptance. Once you accept that not all paths are meant to include children, you free yourself from the fear of not being part of the mainstream and you are able as a result, to move on with your life and live in peace. For guidance on any issues you may have, contact Nina at:

Nina holds a degree in Business with International Development and worked for Age Concern Kingston (now Staywell), an old people’s charity, for 8 years. Working with the elderly has given Nina an insight into old age, and she can firmly put to bed the myth that not having children means you will automatically end up lonely in old age. This myth is one of the main factors behind the stigma attached to childlessness and could not be further from the truth. In fact, anyone can end up lonely in old age, children or no children. Nina’s advice on this issue is to start planning for old age well in advance and that applies to everyone.

Nina is a British citizen of Ivorian descent. She lives with her husband Robert in London.

Contact Nina to enquire about her speaking at your event:


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