My husband’s untimely death has shattered many of my beliefs

By Nina Steele My husband passed away suddenly on January 11, aged 54. He was my entire universe. We lived for each other.… Read the rest

Have you seen the film TO KID OR NOT TO KID? Want to know what happens next?

By Maxine Trump It was awesome this year to have Nina Steele (founder of this fantastic site) involved in our VIP film panel as we launched TO KID OR NOT TO KID our new film about living childfree.… Read the rest

Why some coupon schemes may actually lead to more spending

By Nina Steele The budget supermarket I shop at recently introduced a coupon scheme. Every month, I get the chance to ‘save’ £12 in total.… Read the rest

Who is Kamala Harris?

By Nina Steele 3 years ago, I wrote an article entitled: Will Kamala Harris become the first US female President? It seemed like a long shot at the time.… Read the rest

Childfree fiction: The narcissism of small differences by Michael Zadoorian

When I first started writing my comic novel The Narcissism of Small Differences, I hadn’t set out to write a book about a childfree couple.… Read the rest

Beware of the friend requests you never sent

By Nina Steele Imagine getting a notification informing you that a complete stranger has just accepted your friend request, knowing that you never sent the said request in the first place?… Read the rest

Sometimes saying no is the only option

By Nina Steele A childless woman got in touch with me a few months ago. She had a compelling story to tell. Some of her articles had been published on various online platforms.… Read the rest

Why so much outrage at the sight of older women dating younger men?

By Nina Steele Channel 4 did a documentary on older British women going to the Gambia, in West Africa, to find love. It aired recently and is entitled: ‘Sex on the beach’.… Read the rest

Can we just move on now that Ellen DeGeneres has apologised?

By Nina Steele They say you know who your true friends are when you get in real trouble and boy, how true has that been for Ellen DeGeneres.… Read the rest

Netflix documentary ‘RBG’ celebrates the life and work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Nina Steele Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a fierce advocate for gender equality and women’s rights. She was loved by many, including childfree icon Gloria Steinem who was interviewed for the documentary.… Read the rest