A cruise holiday for non-parents

By Marcia Drut-Davis 

Marcia Drut-Davis

Marcia Drut-Davis

As the author of a memoir supporting the childfree lifestyle and the administrator of many childfree sites on Facebook, I suddenly had an epiphany. Although people loved coming to the sites, reacting to my book, feeling validated or sometimes venting, they hungered to know, in person, other childfree people. It’s one thing to post a reaction to a challenging article or book review. It’s another to simply enjoy friendships of like-minded people.

When I became the President of the first non-parents group on Long Island, New York, the feelings of meeting those first 65 people was infectious. We could finally feel at ease. We had similar interests. We loved hearing stories about people who were living their lives with joy and not regrets for choosing the childfree lifestyle. We didn’t have to hear the endless stories about people’s kids. In other words, we felt we weren’t alone in a sea of people swimming one way when we were swimming the other.

Remembering that joy, I organized a gala nokid group cruise in 2015 on my Facebook site! My guest speaker was Laura Scott. Her wisdom in sharing how to face the usual annoying questions or comments from friends, family or co-workers was a blessing. Listening to others share their stories was cathartic to those sharing and helpful to those listening. Making friends was the icing on the cake. Indeed, many of those friendships are still active to this day.

Cruising offered us the time to meet those in our nokid group. We only met twice for a more formal get-together. Those times were when there was a full day at sea. In port, many chose land excursions. We only had two group dinners as the ship had 27 restaurants. Let’s face it; sometimes you simply want to be alone or with one or two people when you’re on a vacation.

We’ll be cruising together down the Mexican Coast from Dec 3-10th, 2017. The ship, Norwegian’s, “The Getaway” is magnificent. Pricing is amazing (they even offer single studios!). Amenities are delightful. Sights will be gorgeous. You can swim with a dolphin, see Mayan ruins, snorkel in crystal clear turquoise water or stay on board and relax with new friendships. Nobody will ever say, “So? How many kids do you have?” Maybe that’s the best perk.

Before saying “goodbye”, I asked what the highlight of this experience was. Overwhelmingly it was to meet other childfree people.

For further information, contact Marcia at: [email protected]

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