Being childfree and charitable

By Dann Alexander 

From Save the Children to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and many more, there are seemingly hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations in the world devoted to promoting the education and well-being of children. Most of these groups are doing inspiring work. They even might restore a bit of shaken faith for those who might be questioning human kind. Donating to one of these or any charitable organization is a personal choice. I have heard an argument from several people that those without children may not be keen on getting involved in child-focused charities. It’s not necessarily true.

For me personally, I much prefer to donate to organizations that are involved in animal rescue. Being able to contribute to saving the lives of innocent animals is something that gets me on an emotional level. One can easily turn to the World Wide Web to find stories of animal rescue and the people who are working at it day and night.

By no means do I absolutely refuse to donate to child and youth focused non-profits. There are kids in my neighbourhood on a weekly basis, especially now, that are raising money for very positive things. I’m in constant amazement at how many kids seem to be involved in raising money for health-related causes. It’s always a great variety of things that these kids seem to be involved in.

Many people, whether they have children or not, are very much hesitant to contribute to organizations that are sending money overseas to impoverished nations. Call it a jaded viewpoint, but there seem to have been too many stories about organizations with too many middle-people. Too many hands touching the funds, taking off a piece at a time until less than half of the original donated amount makes it to where it is needed.

People unfairly assume that someone without children may have more money to spend. If someone without children supposedly has more money or “disposable income”, it is admirable that they might want to donate it to a cause. Like the choice of having children, donating is a personal choice. Regardless of where one donates, and IF one chooses to contribute, that choice is to be respected.

Are there any charity organizations that you donate to where the main focus is the well-being of children? If so, what are they and why do you donate to them? What is it about the work they do that inspires you to give? What are the other charities you contribute to? Share your views in the comment section below.

Based just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Dann Alexander is the Author of Planned UnParenthood – Creating a Life Without Procreating which is available at Amazon and other online retailers. Twitter @WriterDann

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