Being in quarantine comes with different levels of challenges

By Nina Steele 

Being in quarantineI reached out to an acquaintance of mine the other day to see how he and his family were faring in these precarious times. Replying to me he said this about being in quarantine with his wife: “It will really show how much you love one another”. He is absolutely spot on.

Of course nothing changes if you enjoy being together. If on the other hand you cannot stand each other, then this time is going to prove quite a challenge. That’s even before getting to the other major issues such as the financial difficulties many people will be facing as a result of losing their jobs etc.

With regards to relationships, I have seen a few headlines about women in abusive relationships having to spend all this time with men they don’t feel safe around. My heart goes out to them. Having that to deal with on top of everything else must be utterly dreadful.

On a lighter note, there are posters doing the rounds on social media aiming to make us laugh amidst all this coronavirus induced chaos. One reads: “Well now that pubs are shut, all you ladies are going to know what time us men actually finish work”. Many celebrities are getting in on the act too. A video of Gloria Gaynor washing her hands while giving a rendition of her song ‘I will survive’ went viral. One thing I am seeing a lot of via my Facebook feed is that people haven’t lost their sense of humour in spite of the uncertainty we all face.

By the time this crisis is over, life as we know it may never return. One thing is certain, we are all being forced to change, whether we like it or not. For one thing, the sense of community that had all but vanished in many parts of the world, particularly the West, is now returning. Everyone now realises that we really are all in this together whether we like it or not. The fact that the virus strikes people equally, regardless of their socio-economic status, has been quite an eye opener.

Great change is happening in a way that none of us expected. How profound those changes end up being will be known by the time 2020 is over. When I wrote that we should all expect some major changes in 2020, as is always the case at the beginning of a new decade, I never anticipated that those changes would be on such a scale. Needless to say that 2020 will go down in history as a year to remember.

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