Jennifer Aniston finally joins Instagram and predictably her fans are ecstatic

By Nina Steele 

Jennifer AnistonOn October 15, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, and less than 24 hours later, her account already boasted over 6 million followers. The first picture she uploaded of her and her ‘Friends’ co-stars was by then liked over 7 million times. The last time I checked, her account had over 15 million followers. If there was ever any doubt about her star power, this alone proves it.

Say what you like about social media, and I myself have a lot to say, one thing that cannot be denied is the sheer power it has. Thanks to social media, celebrities are now much more in control of their image and their message like never before. As for their fans, there is a feeling of closeness that was never there when the only way they learnt about their idols was through traditional media.

The fact that it cost nothing to have a social media account, in spite of the huge benefits for those using it for business purposes, is in great part what makes it such a powerful tool. Anyone with something to say can build a following.

Predictably, fans of Friends who are desperate for some sort of reunion are reading more into that first posted picture. Their excitement could be felt in the comments. Personally, I have never been a great fan of the show, but I do like to see people being excited about a show that’s about laughter, particularly in the current state of the world.

I may not be a fan of Friends but I do read anything to do with Jennifer Aniston. I cannot think of any other celebrity whose childlessness has been written about as much as hers has. I wrote recently about how, often, the achievements of successful women are downplayed. No matter how much they achieve, the media always make their personal lives centre stage, with the implication being that their success has come at a cost. They have repeated that narrative ad nauseam in Jennifer Aniston’s case.

So it’s refreshing to read articles about her that have nothing to do with the fact that she has no children. She is a hugely successful woman, who has managed to stay relevant and in demand, in an industry that is not very kind to women. Few celebrities have the type of clout she has. She has a loyal following and that has not changed in spite of everything that has been written about her private life. I do like her for the way she has carried on with her life, even when hurtful and derogatory articles were being written about her. Whatever she chooses to do in future, I wish her well.

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