Jennifer Aniston is the latest A-list movie star to have a big hit on Netflix

By Nina Steele 

Jennifer Aniston Murder MysteryI have to admit that I only watched “Murder Mystery” out of curiosity. I came across a few articles in which it was revealed that the movie, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, had been watched by almost 31 million Netflix subscribers in its first opening weekend. That got my attention. It isn’t Jennifer Aniston’s first offering on Netflix of course, for all those who like anything with her in it. She has a steady body of work on the platform, including all 10 seasons of Friends.

Murder Mystery, as the name suggests, is all about solving a murder, albeit with some humour. Jennifer Aniston plays Adam Sandler’s wife. Their marriage is not quite on the rocks but it is far from happy either. To put a bit of sparkle back, the couple go on their long awaited trip to Europe. It is during that trip that they meet a dashing wealthy man, played by Luke Evans. He invites them as his guests on his billionaire uncle’s yacht, where they find themselves suspects in multiple murders, with a large inheritance as the main motive. If you’ve ever watched an Agatha Christie film, you will see the similarities.

I did enjoy parts of the film, although it got rather predictable toward the end. Overall, it is a good watch, mainly because the acting, particularly from both Aniston and Sandler, is top class. I also have to give a nod to Luke Evans for his acting. His character is highly convincing, which says a lot, considering how over the top the plot is.

The critics have not been too kind to the film, and I can see why. I don’t always agree with critics because they can be quite snobby. But in this instance, they have a point. As much as I like some of the acting, I cannot give the film top marks.

Apart from some of the acting as previously mentioned, another redeeming feature for the film, is how well the marital woes between Aniston and Sandler are depicted, especially at the beginning. A lot of married couples will identify with some of their struggles. The lack of passion most marriages experience at some stage, the bickering, the inevitable comparison with other couples who appear to have a better relationship, etc. It’s all there. It may not be among the best films ever made, but it’s definitely worth the watch.

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