Lack of courage is soul-destroying and here is why

By Nina Steele 

CourageThey say that the Universe rewards those with courage, and I absolutely believe that. Every time we make the right choice, sometimes in the face of extreme pressure, we are rewarded for it. And often, the rewards turn out to be far greater than what we ever imagined. Lack of courage is soul-destroying, because it prevents us from reaching our full potential and becoming what we were born to be. I have been privy to some very sad and sometimes disturbing stories of people who are their own worst enemies, all because they lack courage.

A typical example is that of a friend of a friend who has been in an unhappy relationship for many years. For most of these years, she has been trying to become pregnant unsuccessfully, and has spent a great deal of money on fertility treatments. Unfortunately, her desire to have a child is not shared by her partner, and to prove that point, he has refused to go through medical tests, so the medical professionals can determine unequivocally who between the two has fertility issues. To make matters worse, the man has never hidden the fact that he is also seeing other women. And even though they have lived together as a couple for many years (she is in her late 30s), he still doesn’t want to marry her. With all these clear signs that the man is a commitment phobe, she can’t leave him.

Another acquaintance, in her mid-30s, has been desperate to settle down for years. She has a career of her own and ideally, she would like to meet a man with a good job so together they can get on the housing ladder. You would think that anyone wanting to meet a successful man would be actively looking for him, either through online dating or hanging out in places where these men are to be found. Instead, she has never summoned the courage to wean herself off a group of university friends she has been hanging out with since her university days. All the men in the group are mostly immature, and prefer to party than settle down. Even sadder is the fact that she doesn’t seem to realise that her lack of courage is the reason why she is where she is. Instead of doing something about it, she prefers to take the easy road by blaming her childhood for her shortcomings.

Blaming other people is a typical subterfuge for people with lack of courage. That way, they don’t have to take responsibility for their own lives. Unfortunately, playing the victim has never made anyone happy. Until they tap into the courage that is lying dormant within them, and make difficult decisions, happiness will always elude them.

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