Leisure activities you can still enjoy as a childless person

By Nina Steele 

My husband and I spent last Sunday at the London Zoo and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We have been meaning to go for years, but were put off because as far as we were concerned, Zoos are places you take a child to.

I remember back then, when we were still confident that we would become parents, discussing the places we would take our child to and the zoo was at the top of the tree. And so we discounted it once we realised that we were not going to become parents after all.

I wrote an article the other day about the recent visit that my sister-in-law and her husband paid us, and one of the things they managed to do is convince us that the zoo is an attraction aimed at everyone, not just families with children.

And so we went and yes many people there, were without children. The other thing we came away with, is that, the fact that there were naturally many families with children had absolutely no impact on us enjoying ourselves. If anything, seeing the look of wonder on the children’s faces whenever they came close to some of the animals, was quite fun to watch.

The zoo has an open area dedicated to squirrel monkeys and they are left to roam freely, with no boundaries between them and the visitors. For us, this was the star attraction and of course, the children were completely in awe when some of them came face to face with the monkeys.

Not having children should not be a barrier to enjoying some of the attractions that are available around us. It is true that some attractions are targeted primarily at families with children, however, as we have found out for ourselves, people don’t care if you turn up without a child in tow.

It was the same type of experience we had when we went to see one of the Harry Potter movies years ago. The cinema was a mixture of families, teenagers and adults like us, without children, and it never felt as though we were out of place.

As we expand our horizons in terms of leisure activities, I am sure that we will continue to explore many of the places that we felt reluctant to visit until now. Every leisure activity can teach us something, as we have found out for ourselves.

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