Limiting child tax credits to 2 children is morally right

By Nina Steele 

I was watching the analysis of yesterday’s budget on one of the 24 hours news channels and of course one of the main talking points, was the Chancellor’s decision to limit child tax credits to 2 children, from April 2017. Although I was delighted with most of the changes outlined in the budget, no change made me as hopeful about the future as this one.

For a long time, our benefit system has been abused by unscrupulous people, and the most depressing cases, in my view, have been the ones where people have been having many children, just so they can claim some of the benefits that are available to parents. It is a sorry state of affairs, when children are seen as cash cows by parents who often don’t work and fund their lifestyles entirely on benefit.

As I was watching the news, a couple came on screen with their newborn and as predictable as I had expected, the mother complained that limiting child tax credits to 2 children would now mean that she and her husband may not be able to afford a large family. Why anyone can even contemplate having children they cannot afford is beyond me. Why should the tax payer pay for people to have big families? Why can’t people see for themselves that having children is expensive and that unless they earn a great deal of money, having no more than 2 or even 1 child, is the sensible option?

It is this sense of entitlement that make many people despair at the state of our world today. How can anyone fail to understand that they should take responsibility for their own lives, as opposed to blaming others for their own poor choices.

This article in the telegraph, expresses some of those feelings. Yes, as bad as it may sound to some people, having money matters if you want to have a large family. The government is not telling anyone not to have as many children as they want to have, just that they will only get help for the first 2 children.

I applaud this government for having the courage to implement such a policy, and a snap poll in the same telegraph article, shows that the majority of people agree. There is something inherently wrong in a society when people see absolutely no issues with having large families they cannot afford, without hand-outs from the state. What kind of values are we teaching those children?

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