Miriam Margolyes is known for her plain speaking and her views on children are no exception

By Nina Steele 

76 year old actress, Miriam Margolyes, who has no children, is known for being quite outspoken. To say that she is a strong character would be to put it mildly. She is far more than that. She is like a bull in an arena. Ready to pounce at any time. Her no nonsense style means she will pretty much say and do as she pleases, regardless of how she comes across to those around her. Watching her in the BBC series “The Real Marigold …” was at times excruciating. She has this unique ability to both shock and entertain in equal measure.

In one of ‘The Real Marigold on Tour’ episodes in Florida, she had a major bust-up with a Trump supporter, only that this time, the man was the one who started it. He was exceptionally rude to a group of women Miriam was a part of, at a party, just because they were democrats and did not approve of Trump. And as you would expect from Miriam, she gave it as good as she got. The expression on the man’s face when he realised he had met his match, was priceless.

With that kind of fiery personality, it goes without saying that her views on children are quite strong. When asked in an interview last year whether she regretted not having children? She replied: “God no! I am delighted not to have any children”. She went on to say: “I think they are such a nuisance. I am fond of some of my friends’ children, but only once they grew up. In the early days when they were talking about them and showing me photos it was tedium beyond belief”.
The Real Marigold on Tour
When she and three other celebrities went to China in the latest instalment of ‘The Real Marigold on Tour’, she took their host to task for answering ‘of course’ when asked whether she had children. The language barrier meant that the host didn’t seem to get the point Miriam was making. She was challenging the host’s outdated views that everyone either had children or wanted them.

Whether you like or dislike her, one thing is sure, Miriam Margolyes is hard to ignore. There just aren’t many people like her around. She is definitely not one to let society tell her what to do. She is her own woman. And with so much unhappiness around these days, caused in great part by people trying desperately to conform to society’s norms, it’s not a bad thing to see her challenge all those norms at every chance she gets.

Miriam Margolyes

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