Miriam Margolyes wins the internet again!

By Nina Steele 

Miriam Margolyes is one of my favourite people. I love a good laugh and she always delivers. She always speaks her mind regardless of who it might offend. Love her or loathe her, one thing she can never be accused of, is being fake. She is childfree and proudly so, and her views on life in general are always so blunt that you cannot help but admire her gutsiness.

A recent interview she did for the Guardian had Twitter enthralled. She was trending for most of the day after the article was published and most of the comments were positive. Most people love her for being a breath of fresh air. The funny thing is that part of the article was scathing about men in general, yet most of the positive comments I read were from men. Very few celebrities are loved the way she is.

I laughed so hard when reading the article, particularly when she said this: “I wasn’t really interested in men and I’m still not – I’m not interested in their souls, because very few men have souls. When you find one that has, it’s worth it. Most of them are just so trivial. And if you’re not sexually interested in men, they’re unbearably trivial”. Oops! Yet like I said before, most of the men who commented on Twitter after the article was published found her assessment of them rather hilarious as opposed to insulting.

I follow the Graham Norton show on Facebook and as fans of the show know, she is a regular on the show, and as always, she never fails to deliver. The comments on Facebook are always positive too. In a world where there is so much fakeness, it seems people cannot have enough of her bluntness. And I am one of those people.

The fact that she is as blunt about herself is another of her appeals. She is honest about her struggle with her weight and the fact that she is not a ‘conventional beauty’. No subject is out of bounds, no matter how uneasy.

That she is still very much in demand at 78, shows that her larger than life personality is her greatest asset. Of that she said: “I used to feel sad that nobody used to ask me out; I felt very crushed by that, actually, but it didn’t last. And when I went to university, I realised that I had a spark of something that was more valuable than beauty. I had energy, and energy is always attractive”.

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