Naomi: making the most of life as a childless woman

By Nina Steele 

Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell is generally loved and revered across the African continent and I was one of those people back then who seemed to never have enough of her. I remember avidly reading about her whenever I had the chance. My interest in her continued when I moved to the UK. However, the more scandals I read about her, the less interested I became, until recently that is.

My renewed interest in Naomi is down to the fact that as a childless celebrity, she seems to not be subjected to the same level of scrutiny that other childless female celebrities are under. There seems to be some kind of tacit agreement to overlook that part of her life, which I find quite intriguing. I suppose you can argue that she gives the impression of having so much fun, that maybe the media has decided that there is nothing much for them to write about.

Even so, I was curious to know the reason behind her childlessness and naturally assumed that it had something to do with her busy lifestyle. As it turns out, if a 2008 article in people magazine is to be believed, infertility is to blame. That was quite a revelation, as I didn’t see it coming.

My opinion of her has somewhat improved as a result. That she seems to be getting on with her life, is rather commendable, if as the article suggests, she has been battling with infertility for some time. It looks as though there is more to her character after all!

The more childless people are seen as getting on with their lives and having fun, the lesser the stigma attached to childlessness will become, in my view. The fun side of things matter because, unfortunately, many people still assume that the childless are a bunch of sad people who must be pitied.

It is a shame that Naomi does not talk much about that side of her life. Becoming a leading voice for the childless, could be one of her legacies. Her celebrity is such that her intervention in an issue as potent as this one can only help, particularly for those still struggling to come to terms with not being able to conceive. I also believe that since childlessness is even more of a taboo subject in places like Africa, her intervention there could prove very helpful indeed.

Naomi Campbell

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