Social media can be a funny place sometimes

By Nina Steele 

Social mediaI turned down a LinkedIn connection request recently, which I haven’t done before. I have the same approach with regards to the other social media platforms. I say yes to pretty much anyone who sends me either a friend request or a request to connect, unless it is obviously spam. The LinkedIn request I said no to wasn’t spam. I just could not understand why the person wanted to connect since her line of business is exclusively targeted at parents. As hard as I tried to be open-minded about it, in the end, I had to follow my heart and say no.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, my LinkedIn account is there purely to make business contacts. Whenever I need a service for the website, LinkedIn is among the first places I turn to. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, I don’t share my website’s content on LinkedIn. I may have shared one or two articles when I first set the account up, but that’s about it, whereas every article that is published on this website is also shared on both Facebook and Twitter. I use Instagram about the same way I use LinkedIn. I have an account, but I don’t share my website content there either. But unlike LinkedIn, I visit Instagram daily to check if the people I follow have posted new content. I don’t get much in terms of inspiration for articles on Instagram, but it is definitely worth being there because of the platform’s global reach.

As mentioned in a previous article, most of my Facebook friends have children. At first, I didn’t understand why parents wanted me in their network, considering what I do. But I gradually realised that in fact, it benefits me to have all these people in my network because of the links they share. I have written many articles thanks to those links and have learnt a great deal too.

There was a time some months ago when the majority of the topics I wrote about was as a result of links people had shared on Facebook. I remember being quite pleased about it because it meant that I didn’t have to spend hours searching all over the Internet for inspiration. The fact that people share all sorts of links imaginable means that the subject matter can be pretty much anything, which helps too.

I don’t have a Reddit account but I know that my articles are widely shared there. The childfree community on Reddit is quite vocal and some of my articles have generated heated debates. One in particular springs to mind. It is the one about John Cena and his then girlfriend Nikki Bella. To date, the article has been shared over 3 thousand times. Discussions on Reddit went on for days after the article was published.

Going back to connection and friend requests on social media, even after all these years, I am still learning. I never imagined that my network would be so diverse, yet here I am. What a funny place social media!

Social media

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