Some views from Africa on childlessness

By Nina Steele 

More often than not, childless people face extreme stigma in Africa. As part of a promotional campaign that is running on Facebook, some of them (including those who are now parents) have come forward to share their experiences and views on the subject. Unsurprisingly, faith is a recurring theme, as most Africans believe that children are a gift from God. Below are a few selections:

“Childlessness is rather an unfortunate situation. Childless couples are stigmatised and feel left out during occasions like mothers and fathers days. Childlessness is one cause for the spread of sexually transmitted infections as some spouses try getting children outside marriage and also engage multiple sexual partners.” A contributor from Ghana

“At times l really feel God is unfair. While people who don’t care about babies are just bearing dozens of children they cannot even take care of, others cry day and night just to carry a baby.” A contributor from Kenya

“I had 8 miscarriages and people would call me barren. Everywhere people would talk. My hubby chased me out of his home. But fast forward 8 years later and God listened to my prayers and answered me. Am now a mother and pregnant with my second baby.” A contributor from Kenya

“I am also waiting on God for my miracle babies. It has not been easy”. A contributor from Ghana

“Still waiting on the Lord for a miracle”. A contributor from Kenya

“God is fair enough. My marriage has been climbing mountains and valleys. I was heckled because I had no child for more than 8 years. But in April 18 2016, I received the best gift, a bouncing baby boy. All my enemies are ashamed.” A contributor from Kenya

“I am patiently waiting on the Lord to bless me with a child”. A contributor from Sierra Leone

“You may not be blessed with certain gifts but remember others who have children have no wife or husband. Others are widows/widowers. Others are homeless. So nobody can have all, and God has a reason for everything. You cannot change some situations in this journey of life”. A contributor from Kenya

“I am a proud parent of 2 angels. I know the joy it brings being a mom, but I will never criticise anyone merely because they have no kids. Kids are gifts from God, and if you have none, it doesn’t mean God has deserted you. You are blessed and wonderfully made. You still have a lot to offer”. A contributor from Kenya

“I believe everyone is blessed, even being childless”. Country not specified

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