Theresa May says she will be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ in the Brexit negotiations: thank God for that!

By Nina Steele 

Theresa May says she will be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ in the Brexit negotiationsJust like Theresa May, I voted remain, but now, just like her, I want to get on with the whole business of delivering Brexit. Understandably, as someone who originally voted to remain in the EU, I was hugely disappointed with the outcome of the referendum. I still remember that feeling of complete disbelief as the results were coming in and in spite of all the predictions and opinion polls, it became clear that we were heading for the exit door. It took me a few weeks to recover and then the realist in me took over. We are where we are and nothing is going to change that. We cannot go on about how great democracy is when it suits us, and then dispute a fair election because we don’t like the outcome.

The only people who benefit from us Brits tearing each other apart are EU bureaucrats, who as we are seeing more and more, would stop at nothing to protect their interests. Unfortunately for them, the more they try to bully us, the more people they alienate. To treat a sovereign nation of Britain’s stature like a third world nation, is frankly bonkers. The hypocrisy of it all! These are the same people who go around the world talking up the values of democracy and then they turn against a nation whose people have decided to choose a different course.

If ever an election mattered, this one is it. Only a strong leader can stand up to these bullies and Theresa May is that leader. Now is not the time to be divided, there is far too much at stake. Yes you may have voted remain and feel totally aggrieved at where we stand now as a nation, but at the same time, why endanger our future further? The vote has happened, and you cannot question the legitimacy of the result just because it didn’t go your way. As someone who was born under a dictatorship, I know too well how dangerous this is. People in developing parts of the world look up to the West in great part because of the values that it upholds, democracy being one of them. By continuing to question the result of the referendum, we are letting ourselves down and sending the wrong kind of message to the rest of the world. Let’s all come together and help Theresa May make a success of Brexit.

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