They say laughter is good for the soul, I agree

By Nina Steele 

Happy Asian childless coupleIn a world where negativity is everywhere, it helps to still be able to laugh. It is my therapy. It is what keeps me going even in the darkest of times. As I often like to say, I never stay down too long for the darkness to take over. The positive part of me always wins the day.

I love to laugh and always have. My husband and I laugh together more often than not. I am grateful for that side of my personality. Without it, I doubt that I would be as happy as I am now. Whenever I laugh, I can feel my mood lift and the positive part of me coming to the fore.

Life is tough and everyone develops their own way to deal with challenges. A good laugh cleanses the soul and helps me reboot. It helps that my husband and I have a great relationship. We tease each other a lot and are always fooling around. Whenever we have a fall out, laughter is what brings us back together. Often, he will poke me to see if I am still upset. If I burst out laughing, it means that we are back to being pally again.

As a couple, we are always sharing stories that make us laugh. There is a richness of materials online for anyone looking to take their minds off things. My facebook feed is full of short videos that make me laugh out loud every day. There is of course a similar amount of disturbing videos doing the rounds and I usually avoid them. It is part of the darkness I mentioned earlier.

Being naturally positive is something I am immensely grateful for. Let’s face it, our current world has made life tougher than ever before. Unhappiness has reached epidemic proportions, wherever you look. Even I find it too much at times, imagine then someone who is prone to negativity.

For those who want to know what the secret of a positive mind is, I will say that it is the stories we tell ourselves. One of my mantras as mentioned before is that I never stay down too long. It is a story I constantly feed my mind, and it works. Whenever I am down, I know that it won’t last and it never does. One minute I am angry and the next minute I am laughing. Feed your mind positive thoughts and positivity is what you get most of the time.

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