What Soul Age are you?

By Nina Steele 

The UniverseI found out recently that my husband and I are old souls. I felt the need to know because of the way we live and the fact that we are very different in terms of outlook on life, to the majority of those around us. For example, we both like to live simply and quietly. Long gone are the party days, instead, we spend most of our free time with nature, hiking being our favourite leisure activity. Evenings are mostly spent quietly at home. For my husband’s 50th birthday, some family members expected us to follow in their footsteps and have a big party. Instead, we chose to celebrate it by going out for a meal. We did however have a weekend break abroad a couple or so weeks later. In a world where it is all about being loud and showing off, living simply does not fit in with the idea that many people have of life. The penny finally dropped a few weeks ago. I felt very strongly that there was a connection between our lifestyle choices and our souls and decided to search for answers online. And there it was. Everything I had suspected was confirmed.

As old souls, we have been there, done that, and are now in the home stretch to spiritual fulfilment, which explains why we find simple living so attractive. We live by the maxim: “to be in the world but not of the world”. It means not following trends and latest fads, and above all, to live with courage. Living with courage means that even when you are under pressure to conform because your being different makes people uncomfortable, you remain firm and unflinching.

The truth however is that not many people have that kind of courage, particularly when it comes to family members. People often find it too hard to stand up to family members and as a result, they end up living lives that are not real. They let themselves be pushed around. Sadly, instead of seeing the truth for what it is, namely that it is their own lack of courage that got them in that situation, they take the easy way out by complaining and making themselves into victims.

That my husband and I live differently to most of the people around us, was a clear sign that we were on a different path. Spirituality has been an integral part of my life for some time, but not so much for my husband. Then recently, as we were discussing ideas, he said something that took me completely by surprise. He said that the best way to avoid getting oneself in trouble was to follow The Ten Commandments and to reject The Seven Deadly Sins. That filled my heart with joy, and we haven’t stopped discussing spirituality ever since.

As I have discovered, knowing your Soul Age will help you make sense of your life. To find out what Soul Age you are, take the test.

The Universe

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