With so many dating sites around, some people still come to me to find love

By Nina Steele 

Online datingA man contacted me a few days ago asking me to hook him up with a single woman with no children. He says that he felt compelled to get in touch after reading some of the stories on the website. He is particularly interested in a woman who is childless not by choice. Whatever that means. Needless to say that I haven’t replied and do not intend to. Every now and again, I get messages like this. Usually from men, and occasionally from women too.

The men who contact me are usually from the developing world. And obviously, love is not all that they are after. Whatever their motives, what puzzles me is why they bother coming to me at all, considering the number of dating sites around. The UK alone is said to have well over 1,400 dating sites “catering for people from all walks of life and interests”. So basically, whatever you are looking for, there will be a dating site that you can go to. So there is really no excuse for anyone coming to me for love, other than people who are hoping to find love on the cheap.

The man who contacted me recently also included all his contact details, with the hope that I will pass them on to whoever I deem to be a potential match. For him to think that I would be so naïve is strange.

I don’t hook people up for obvious reasons. The internet is full of predators looking for people to take advantage of. Why will I risk my reputation for people I have never met? I will be cautious even with people I know, let alone someone I don’t know from Adam.

Because trust is in such short supply online, whenever I hear stories of people who have met online and gone on to marry, I am reminded of the fact that there are still a lot of good people out there, for those looking for a partner. From my own experience of using social media, I know that a lot of profile pictures are fakes. People have been known to use pictures of models or of people in the army, to name but these two. I have read countless stories of people who got the shock of their lives when they went to meet their online love interests face to face, because they looked nothing like their profile pictures. With so much deceit going on, finding true love online is akin to a miracle in my view.

Obviously, what people choose to do while logged into my website is their business as adults. As mentioned, there are stories around of people who met via social media and went on to marry. So anything is possible. What I am not going to do is play matchmaker, because that’s not the primary purpose of this website. So, to anyone thinking of contacting me in future so I can hook them up, please don’t. You are wasting your time. I am not a dating site and have no intention to become one. If you want a list of dating sites, try google search.

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