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Financial Aspects of NOT Having Children (1 reply)

Dawn Kells
6 years ago
Dawn Kells 6 years ago

A lot of the time, when my friends ask me why I haven't had any children, I feel the need to let them know that I am REALLY okay with it. So, I find that it helps to think about the positives - and the main one that I keep considering over and over again is the fact that I have much more money than I would have done if I'd had children, because obviously they cost a lot.

I own my own house, I am able to treat myself to things when I get my wages rather than them going straight out again, and my partner and I are free to do whatever we like, usually, without having to work out whether we can balance the books.

What about you? Do you think that not having children has been a financial benefit?

6 years ago
Nina 6 years ago

Definitely. It is no secret that generally speaking, people without children have more disposable income. Children do cost a lot of money, particularly in today's world characterised by consumerism. Seeing toddlers with their own tablet computer has become the norm. So many parents feel the need to keep up with other parents even if it means getting themselves in debt so that in their view their child does not end up being the odd one out.

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