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Forum Posts, Story Submissions and Planned UnParenthood - Creating A Life Without Procreating (1 reply)

Dann Alexander
8 years ago
Dann Alexander 8 years ago

I am really enjoying the submissions of stories sent in by readers and the comments in this forum. I've noticed that a great number of people have signed here in the last few weeks. I would encourage everyone to share their stories and feel free to tell us all a bit about yourselves. Everyone has a story to tell and a perspective to offer.

A few years ago I wrote a book about the decisions surrounding choosing to be childfree, while including topics surrounding those who are childless. It is the first book of its' kind to be written from a male perspective. It offers something for parents and non-parents alike.

"Planned UnParenthood - Creating A Life Without Procreating" is available at Amazon on most of their sites worldwide, and other online book retailers. Amazon UK Link Amazon US Link Amazon Canada Link

Wishing everyone a great day. Keep your comments and stories coming!


8 years ago
Nina 8 years ago

I read Dann's book and will definitely recommend it. I was particularly interested to learn about the many obstacles that some men encounter when they ask for a vasectomy.

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