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I'm so glad this place exists, but it seems a little barren. (1 reply)

Always Exploring
4 years ago
Always Exploring 4 years ago

I enjoy very much the stories section. I don't know about anyone else. But I've always loved having some sense of an online community. People who share similar thoughts. I've struggled with childfree places tending to be either very slow acting, or having a lot of negative and hostile attitudes. I'm hoping that maybe this website will be revitalized, or perhaps there others lurking in the shadows here, just waiting for a conversation to start.

I'd love to know anything about you.

I am mid 20s. With a live in boyfriend. We are working towards getting our degrees, which once we have, we will travel the world together. And we're so excited for our future. I've already felt the struggle slightly, because finding friends as an expat is hard enough. And it seems many expats lead very traditional lives and going and exploring for a short time. Before finding someone, falling in love, having children, and then leading a standard working lifestyle. We don't ever plan to be that way. And my sterilization a few years ago is an insurance against that.

I'm so excited to have found my travel buddy, and so excited for our future adventures. Would love to know your background that you're willing to share. What your goals and aspirations are. And any favorite hobbies. I mainly just watch a lot of YouTube these days with how busy I am. And then go and explore my city when the weather is nice and I have a rare day off. Hope this post finds all of you well.

4 years ago
Nina 4 years ago

Well welcome! And thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself, your dreams and aspirations. Yes I do agree that participation on the forum and replies to articles could be greater, but what I also do know is that people are reading materials on the site in great numbers, which to me, is everything. The website is here to reassure people like yourself and many others who have no children for one reason or another, that they are not alone. Yes the stories are quite impactful, which is why I have them centre stage. Feel free to share yours, and of course you can do so in total anonymity. Best wishes.

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