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Should childless people pay higher taxes? (2 replies)

6 years ago
Nina 6 years ago

This is the rather controversial proposal put forward by columnist Reihan Salam, who incidentally happens to be childless himself. His argument is basically that parents are doing a great job raising the next generation who will inevitably bear the burden of society and so those parents need all the help they can get and one such help is to tax the childless more with the extra money going to help those raising children. Do you agree/disagree with this argument? Whatever your views we would like to hear it.

6 years ago
(unknown) 6 years ago

I totally disagree. Parents already get to pay less tax with all the tax credits etc that they get. So essentially what this person advocates is already happening and childless people are already paying more in taxes than people with children.

6 years ago
MattB 6 years ago

I disagree as well and yes childless people are already paying higher taxes than people with children who get quite a fair number of tax breaks already. Also, the danger is that promoting more tax breaks for parents might encourage some people who are unfit to be parents, to have more children and those children may well end up in the care system with tax payers having to look after them.

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