Oprah’s magic touch strikes again

By Nina Steele The one thing anyone familiar with the life and work of Oprah Winfrey will agree on, is that, whenever she gets behind a project or product, it takes off in a big way.… Read the rest

Planning for old age can be depressing but leaving things to chance should never be considered a viable option

By Nina Steele Reading the story of 104-year-old Daisy Staines reminded me of the story of another childless widow of similar age, who is still alive and well.… Read the rest

Migrationology: the travel blog with food at its heart

By Nina Steele It’s a fact that for a holiday to be truly memorable, the food you eat matters. My husband and I have travelled to some great destinations, but sadly, the food we ate in many of those places was a disappointment.… Read the rest

Not having children does not make you automatically fit

By Nina Steele Pictures of Jennifer Aniston sunbathing in Italy recently, attracted thousands of comments, mostly about her body.… Read the rest

My interview for a Nigerian radio station about the hostility childfree women face in the country

By Nina Steele Royal fm 95.1 is a regional radio station in Ilorin, western Nigeria. 100% Woman, the show for which I was interviewed, is a weekly show hosted and produced by Temitope Oluleye.… Read the rest

Relatives of childless actress get a slice of her fortune after legal battle

By Nina Steele Claire Gordon was an English actress. She died on April 13, 2015. She was 74. In 1996, she made a will, which left her entire estate, valued at the time of her death to be worth £905,836, to her cousins.… Read the rest

Having the end of your marriage played out in public must be devastating particularly if it wasn’t your decision to end it

By Nina Steele Reading about Lisa Armstrong still wearing her wedding ring over 5 months after Ant McPartlin asked for a divorce, is sad to say the least.… Read the rest

Leonardo DiCaprio explains the basics of climate change in a documentary that encourages climate activism

By Nina Steele In the documentary “Before the Flood”, currently showing on Netflix, Leonardo DiCaprio explains the basics of climate change, with contributions from climate scientists and other prominent figures from across the globe.… Read the rest

Oprah Winfrey invokes the spirits of her ancestors in a powerful speech on aspiration and dreaming big

By Nina Steele Oprah Winfrey gave a rousing and highly inspirational speech at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Thursday, June 7.… Read the rest

Severely disabled childless woman remains positive about life and determined to live it to the fullest

By Nina Steele Life really is what we make of it. Because we have been conditioned to expect certain things, often, when those things don’t turn out the way we planned or when tragedy strikes, some of us just can’t cope.… Read the rest