Why it does not reflect badly on a childfree woman when her ex goes on to have children with a new partner

By Nina Steele When the news broke that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have decided to go their separate ways, one recurring comment I kept reading online was that it wouldn’t be long before he hooks up with a younger woman and starts a family.… Read the rest

Peace Pilgrim found her life purpose and was willing to sacrifice everything for it

By Nina Steele In 1953, Peace Pilgrim (born Mildred Norman), made a decision that most people would find simply crazy. She chose to leave her comfortable life behind and walk for peace across the United States.… Read the rest

Cicely Tyson’s continued success is a reminder that some women do have staying power in Hollywood

By Nina Steele To call Cicely Tyson a legend would not only be appropriate, it would be expected. As a 93 year old actress, she is still very much in demand.… Read the rest

Jeong Kwan: the acclaimed chef who also happens to be a Buddhist nun

By Nina Steele Celebrity chefs have become part of our modern culture and the one character trait they all seem to share is their oversized egos.… Read the rest

How Hannah Hauxwell became a national treasure after years of living in extreme poverty

By Nina Steele As life stories go, Hannah Hauxwell’s one has to be among some of the most inspiring. She was 46 in January 1973, and living in what can only be described as extreme poverty, when her life changed overnight, thanks to a documentary entitled “Too Long A Winter”, which chronicled the plight of farmers in the Pennines during the harsh winter months.… Read the rest

A lifelong friendship and proof that blood isn’t always thicker than water

By Nina Steele Penelope Jardine was 36 when she met acclaimed Scottish novelist Muriel Spark. The year was 1968. Muriel Spark had just relocated from New York City where she lived for a few years, to Rome.… Read the rest

Karen Carpenter’s short life was marred by self-doubt even though she was a hugely talented artist

By Nina Steele Listening to Karen Carpenter singing, one feels transported to another world. One where life is synonymous with sweetness and innocence.… Read the rest

Luther Vandross will forever be remembered for the great talent that he was

By Nina Steele Luther Vandross (1951 – 2005), who was childless, remains one of my all-time favourite artists. His cover of “Endless Love” with Mariah Carey, has to be one of the best versions of this song ever sung.… Read the rest

The closer you get to your destiny the smaller the crowd becomes

By Nina Steele They say you know the truth when you hear it, and boy, did this one resonate with me. As I have said many times before, I am no longer into religion and haven’t been for a very long time.… Read the rest

Childless woman finds love on reality TV show and her new man also happens to be a non-parent

By Nina Steele‘First Dates Hotel’ is the spin-off series from Channel 4 reality show ‘First Dates’. The show brings single people together with the hope that some of them will find true love.… Read the rest