Eva Cassidy became hugely successful after her death and has remained so to this day

By Nina Steele I was reminded of the tragic yet equally amazing life of Eva Cassidy while watching a music show on BBC 4.… Read the rest

Woman who was still a virgin in her 50s says she has now found happiness and has made peace with being childless not by choice

By Nina Steele The story of Maria-Louise Warne, which she shared in the Daily Mail, is remarkable, not only because in a world where sex seems to be everywhere, she remained a virgin until her early 50s, but even more so, because, as implausible as it may sound, she was married twice during those years of being a virgin.… Read the rest

Rosina Harrison’s career as personal maid to Lady Astor proved challenging and rewarding in equal measure

By Nina Steele Rosina Harrison was born in Aldfield, Yorkshire, in 1899. She began working for the Astors in 1929, first as maid to Lady Astor’s daughter and then as Lady Astor’s personal maid, until Lady Astor’s death in 1964.… Read the rest

If you are one of those lucky people with an overall good life, don’t risk it all by trying to fit in with some of society’s ideals

By Nina Steele I was watching a video clip of The Steve Harvey Show the other day. It was one of those segments when he is asked for advice by a member of the audience.… Read the rest

Bill Maher uses humour to make a case for single people who also happen to be childless

By Nina Steele I have been following Bill Maher on Facebook for quite some time. I find his take on news stories highly entertaining, which is much needed, considering how depressing the news cycle has been of late.… Read the rest

Paul Allen’s genius brought him immense wealth and secured his place in history

By Nina Steele Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975. He passed away on October 15, 2018, aged 65. He had no children.… Read the rest

Women in Botswana are choosing to have fewer children, hopefully setting an example for the rest of Africa

By Nina Steele I have never been to Botswana. Yet I have felt an affinity with the country ever since I watched the BBC TV series ‘The No.… Read the rest

The amazing story of Alice Barker

By Nina Steele Alice Barker lived to the ripe old age of 103. She had no children. She became world famous after videos of her in her prime, as a dancer during the Harlem Renaissance, were made public in 2014.… Read the rest

The length some women will go to in order to keep a man can be disturbing

By Nina Steele When you think you’ve heard it all, and that nothing can possibly shock you, comes a story to prove you wrong.… Read the rest

A relationship based on true love will overcome any obstacle, no matter what that is

By Nina Steele My husband and I met a couple for drinks recently. It was our first time meeting them and we clicked instantly. It helped that like us, they are also childfree and have strong views on the subject.… Read the rest

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