I watched the story of Chris McCandless and understand why he did what he did

By Nina Steele Chris McCandless died in August 1992. He was aged 24. The story of his life has been made into a film: ‘Into the Wild’.… Read the rest

Childfree woman credits her late cat’s long life to her pet parenting skills

By Nina Steele Michele Heritage who is 52 and from Exeter in the UK, made headline news recently. She is now officially known as the owner of the world’s oldest cat.… Read the rest

Did you know that May 11 was National Dog Mom’s Day?

By Nina Steele If this is the first you’ve heard of the national dog mom’s day, then you are not alone. I first came across it in an article published on people.comRead the rest

What if there was a soul level meaning behind your choice to be childfree?

By Nina Steele One of my online friends believes that her aversion to motherhood and marriage could be related to a past life trauma her soul experienced.… Read the rest

Christopher Walken attributes much of his success to the fact that he has no children

By Nina Steele To say that Christopher Walken has had a prolific career, would be entirely appropriate. He is so much in demand that he has seldom been out of work since his career took off in the early 50s.… Read the rest

Bill Maher uses humour to make a case for single people who also happen to be childless

By Nina Steele I have been following Bill Maher on Facebook for quite some time. I find his take on news stories highly entertaining, which is much needed, considering how depressing the news cycle has been of late.… Read the rest

Comedian Helen Hong has chosen the childfree life and says her career gives her all the fulfilment she needs

By Nina Steele I stumbled upon Helen Hong while going through my facebook feed, and I am glad that I did, simply because she is very funny.… Read the rest

Patricia Clarkson is happily childfree and has never wanted a husband either

By Nina Steele Watching Patricia Clarkson in the 2017 film ‘The Party’, currently showing on Netflix, was a total delight.… Read the rest

What do you choose to prioritise as a couple or person without children?

By Nina Steele Over a week ago, I did an interview for a podcast in which I mentioned certain benefits of not having children, including the impact on finances.… Read the rest

My interview for a Nigerian radio station about the hostility childfree women face in the country

By Nina Steele Royal fm 95.1 is a regional radio station in Ilorin, western Nigeria. 100% Woman, the show for which I was interviewed, is a weekly show hosted and produced by Temitope Oluleye.… Read the rest