Bill Maher uses humour to make a case for single people who also happen to be childless

By Nina Steele I have been following Bill Maher on Facebook for quite some time. I find his take on news stories highly entertaining, which is much needed, considering how depressing the news cycle has been of late.… Read the rest

Comedian Helen Hong has chosen the childfree life and says her career gives her all the fulfilment she needs

By Nina Steele I stumbled upon Helen Hong while going through my facebook feed, and I am glad that I did, simply because she is very funny.… Read the rest

Patricia Clarkson is happily childfree and has never wanted a husband either

By Nina Steele Watching Patricia Clarkson in the 2017 film ‘The Party’, currently showing on Netflix, was a total delight.… Read the rest

What do you choose to prioritise as a couple or person without children?

By Nina Steele Over a week ago, I did an interview for a podcast in which I mentioned certain benefits of not having children, including the impact on finances.… Read the rest

My interview for a Nigerian radio station about the hostility childfree women face in the country

By Nina Steele Royal fm 95.1 is a regional radio station in Ilorin, western Nigeria. 100% Woman, the show for which I was interviewed, is a weekly show hosted and produced by Temitope Oluleye.… Read the rest

Jeong Kwan: the acclaimed chef who also happens to be a Buddhist nun

By Nina Steele Celebrity chefs have become part of our modern culture and the one character trait they all seem to share is their oversized egos.… Read the rest

A woman and her dog on the adventure of a lifetime

By Nina Steele Maryanne Pope has been a source of inspiration for me, ever since we became friends on social media, so much so that she has been featured on this website on more than one occasion.… Read the rest

Ashley Judd has chosen the childfree life and is using her resources to help improve the lives of others

By Nina Steele Ashley Judd undoubtedly deserves her spot on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the “silence breakers”. The courage she showed by telling the story of her encounter with disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in 1997, led to women all over the world coming forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment too.… Read the rest

Why Singer Anastacia is philosophical about not having children

By Nina Steele There is no doubt that Anastacia is a talented singer. That very distinctive and powerful voice means her music easily stands out, which is a feat in itself, considering how crowded the music scene is today.… Read the rest

Actress and Comedian Miranda Hart credits her dog with helping her beat depression after her relationship ended

By Nina Steele 44 year old Miranda Hart who is childless, was asked in a past interview whether or not she was planning on having children.… Read the rest