A man may use the fact that you are desperate to start a family against you

By Nina Steele I came across a breakup story on one of my social media feeds recently and it reminded me of another story I was privy to a few years back.… Read the rest

Man says he feels like a failure for not having a family of his own

By Nina Steele The man in question, shared his story in the Guardian. Both his father and brother passed away years ago and it has been him and his mother ever since.… Read the rest

As a childfree man, having a vasectomy was the right thing to do

By Sean Mzwandile SibandaEver since I was 17 years old, I have had an obsession with one thing and one thing only, a vasectomy. I remember the day I first learnt of the procedure.… Read the rest

African man finds the courage to tell his mother that he is the one who is infertile and not his wife

By Nina Steele A man from Niger had to come clean to his family about the fact that he is infertile and not his wife. As is always the case, when he and his wife were unable to conceive, his family automatically blamed the wife.… Read the rest

Trying to change your partner’s mind about having children is never a good idea

By Nina Steele I came across an episode of the Steve Harvey show the other day. The show is now exclusively on Facebook and has been renamed ‘Steve on Watch’.… Read the rest

I take friendships seriously. We really have to be on the same page

By Nina Steele Having friends for the sake of having them hasn’t been an option for me for many years now. The older and wiser I got, the more obvious it became to me that you have to be extremely careful who you allow into your inner circle.… Read the rest

Childless couple had both given up on love but fate had other ideas

By Nina Steele I have always been a bit dubious of the saying that ‘you’ll find love when you stop looking’ because it certainly wasn’t my experience and it wasn’t that of most people I know.… Read the rest

The assumptions people make about those without children are often laughable

By Nina Steele A while ago, I met an old friend for drinks. We hadn’t seen each other in years. She is a mother and so our chat inevitably led to children.… Read the rest

I have immense respect for women choosing to do things their way regardless of their environment

By Nina Steele I came across a video on Facebook recently. It was of a woman from Cameroon. She was sharing her experience of being a 31-year-old childless woman in a culture where women her age are expected to be married with children.… Read the rest

Being misunderstood can be frustrating, particularly when it happens too often

By Nina Steele A few days ago, a user posted a thread on the forum about her experience as a childfree woman in her 30s. I have chosen to post it on the main section of the website as well, because some of you will identify with some of the issues she talks about.… Read the rest