2 women, 2 stories of why courage matters

By Nina Steele 

To be happy in this world, there is one key ingredient that is needed and that key ingredient is courage. Without it, we spend our lives saying yes, when what we really want to say is no, we follow others instead of living a life that is true to our core beliefs and values and of course the result of living an inauthentic life is unhappiness.

The story of Wendy Metcalfe, which was published on this website, shows how being courageous can change the course of our life and ultimately lead us to a path that is true to who we really are.

Wendy made it clear to her then husband, long before they were married, that she never wanted children and he went along with it. When he changed his mind 18 years later, she had to decide whether to compromise her values for the sake of staying married, or stay true to herself, which meant divorcing him. At the end, she stuck to her guns and they divorced.

Reading her story, I felt inspired. Even more so, because it happened 18 years ago, when the pressure on women to be mothers would have been far greater.

I wrote an article about another woman who was in a similar situation a few months back. She, unlike Wendy wanted children, however her husband did not want any, because he already had children from a previous relationship.

Before meeting him, she had gone through her fair share of relationships and had lost confidence in herself as a result. So by the time she met the man who would eventually become her husband, she was so fearful of ending up alone that she was ready to go along with anything he said.

Her husband has now passed away and although she is now in her 60s, she is still mourning the fact that she doesn’t have children. Reading her story was quite painful because she completely believes that you cannot be happy without children. Had she had the courage to leave, she may have had the children that she so desperately wanted. And even if that failed, at least she wouldn’t be beating herself up as much.

When you live with courage, life becomes easier. You no longer fear being different or saying no to people. You live a life that is true to who you really are, and your reward for that is happiness.

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