Having the end of your marriage played out in public must be devastating particularly if it wasn’t your decision to end it

By Nina Steele 

Couple going their separate waysReading about Lisa Armstrong still wearing her wedding ring over 5 months after Ant McPartlin asked for a divorce, is sad to say the least. Breakups are hard enough without having yours splashed across the tabloids. And now, it is being reported that not only has her husband moved on, he may have even found love again. What can be more painful than that, if as is suspected, she was hoping they would somehow get back together.

When this story first made headline news, there were reports that the strain of trying to conceive was partly to blame for the end of their 11 year marriage (they had been together for over 20 years). I remember thinking how sad that a wealthy couple, very successful in their own rights, still felt as though they had been hard done by, just because they could not have children of their own. I also remember thinking of the impact this would have on society at large, because of Ant’s popularity. If even he finds it hard to accept a life without children, what hope is there for some of his fans dealing with the same issue?

Of course, we all know to take anything we read in the tabloids with a pinch of salt. But on this issue, they seem to have been telling some truth. Indeed, in 2013, after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 3 years, Ant said this in an interview: “Lisa and I would love to have kids. We’re trying. It’s tougher than you think when you get a bit older”. He went on to say: “We definitely want to start a family soon – it will naturally happen”.

People break up all the time, and as a celebrity couple, they cannot have expected the press to stay out of their private lives, particularly when things start getting messy. Even so, I feel for Lisa, and I suspect that most people familiar with this story would be too. I wish her well. I hope she finds within herself the strength to heal the pain the end of her marriage has caused her.

Every one of us will at some stage in our lives, go through an event or events that have the ability to either be the making of us, or destroy us. In the early stages, when the pain is still unbearable, we wonder how on earth we are ever going to make it. But of course, we humans often tend to underestimate our own strength. We are made of strong stuff. There is nothing we cannot overcome if that’s the outcome we really want.

Couple going their separate ways

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