Enjoying the simple pleasures of life as a childless couple

By Nina Steele 

Childless couple watching TVMy husband and I have been enjoying watching ‘Breaking Bad’ lately. As anyone familiar with the show would know, the series started in 2008 and ended in 2013. Some family members had raved about it before, however, it is only recently that we started watching it, thanks to our Netflix subscription.

My husband was the one who got me into it. He decided to give the show a go, and he was hooked after a few episodes. He kept going on about how great a show it is and kept asking me to watch it too. At first, I resisted. The storyline about a chemistry teacher who turns drug dealer, didn’t quite appeal to me at first. I thought of the show as one written with men in mind. Then my husband said something along the lines of: “I would really love to discuss this show with you”. He has never said anything like it for any other show and so, I decided to put my misgivings aside and give the show a go. And I have to say that it deserves all the praises and awards it has earned to date, because it is indeed one of the greatest shows ever made. It even has a childless couple among its main protagonists.

With so much going on in the world right now, discussing the show has been a form of escapism. That the storyline is quite far-fetched in many ways, means that we don’t see it for anything other than what it is, namely, pure entertainment. Having said that, even shows with the most implausible storylines have something to teach us, and this one is no different. Greed is a recurring theme and so is the question of trust, with deception the thread that runs through the whole show.

As mentioned before, two of the main protagonists are childless. Although I haven’t yet figured out the reason behind their childlessness (I am well into series 5), the fact that they are portrayed as a couple deeply in love, says a lot about the people behind the show, and their level of maturity on this issue.

Simple pleasures are often the most enjoyable, and we as a couple love nothing more. In addition to much loved hobbies such as walking and hiking, our shared interest in this show has given us something more to talk about. Our Netflix subscription, which cost less than the price of a cinema ticket, is proving worth it.

Childless couple relaxing in front of the TV


  1. Mel1509 says

    Loved BB. I also loved that Hank and Marie were childless. Better Call Saul, the spinoff, is also great.

  2. Better Call Saul is next on my list of what to watch when I finish with Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman’s character is simply hilarious. The guy is so bent you wonder what he will come up with next. The show’s writers are simply brilliant!

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