The strength of the Mays marriage has done a lot of good for the image of childless people

By Nina Steele 

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you happen to be on, one thing we can all agree on, is that Theresa May is different to the recent leaders who have preceded her. Just looking at her holiday snaps is enough of a clue as to the type of person she is. I think we can safely conclude that simplicity is at the core of the Mays relationship, and how comforting is that.

With so many unhappy marriages around these days, it is very refreshing to see a happy couple, particularly when the relationship has survived challenges that would have finished many other relationships. Theresa May has always refused to discuss the reason why she and her husband do not have children. All we know is that it wasn’t by choice. Even so, the fact that their marriage has endured (they married in 1980) is testament to their respective character and the values that they hold dear.

Since she came to power, many people have had to reassess their views of childless people. I remember talking to a few people with a traditional view of life, who only had good things to say about her. Most of those people always equated a life well lived with having children, until Theresa May became Prime Minister that is. Indeed, the obvious strong bond that she and her husband share, has made many traditionalists realise that a couple does not need to have children in order to be happy. It helps that the media in general is rather fond of the couple because they are perceived as being real, compared to the Blairs for example, whom the media have never forgiven for their love of extravagant holidays.

Of course there would be cynics who would argue that we cannot know the true nature of the Mays relationship because none of us live with them. I disagree. Body language always speaks volume about a relationship. By watching how a couple interact, you can generally work out if a relationship is healthy or not. There is a certain warmth to the Mays relationship that is difficult to miss. They have been married for 36 years and anyone who has been married for a long time knows that you cannot fake it after a while. You may decide to stay together even if you are unhappy, but you cannot exude the type of warmth of the Mays, unless you are happy.

Theresa May on holiday

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