Relatives of childless actress get a slice of her fortune after legal battle

By Nina Steele Claire Gordon was an English actress. She died on April 13, 2015. She was 74. In 1996, she made a will, which left her entire estate, valued at the time of her death to be worth £905,836, to her cousins.… Read the rest

Octavia Hill dedicated her life to fighting for social change and her legacy lives on over a century after her death

By Nina Steele If you are a regular walker in the surrey hills, chances are that you have come across the Octavia Hill trail, which as its name indicates, is dedicated to social activist Octavia Hill (3 December 1838 – 13 August 1912).… Read the rest

How Hannah Hauxwell became a national treasure after years of living in extreme poverty

By Nina Steele As life stories go, Hannah Hauxwell’s one has to be among some of the most inspiring. She was 46 in January 1973, and living in what can only be described as extreme poverty, when her life changed overnight, thanks to a documentary entitled “Too Long A Winter”, which chronicled the plight of farmers in the Pennines during the harsh winter months.… Read the rest

Karen Carpenter’s short life was marred by self-doubt even though she was a hugely talented artist

By Nina Steele Listening to Karen Carpenter singing, one feels transported to another world. One where life is synonymous with sweetness and innocence.… Read the rest

Luther Vandross will forever be remembered for the great talent that he was

By Nina Steele Luther Vandross (1951 – 2005), who was childless, remains one of my all-time favourite artists. His cover of “Endless Love” with Mariah Carey, has to be one of the best versions of this song ever sung.… Read the rest

Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s legacy lives on 44 years after her death

By Nina Steele Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915 –1973) who was childless, is often referred to as “the Godmother of rock and roll”.… Read the rest

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson died childless yet her will leaves everything to the children she believed she was going to have

By Nina Steele News that the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson made a will in 2004, in which she left her estate to the children she was sure she was going to have one day, is a reminder that no one should make assumptions about their future, based on the lives of the people around them.… Read the rest

Childless author and conservationist Beatrix Potter bequeathed much of the land that makes up the Lake District to the National Trust

By Nina Steele The Lake District was awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017. When I heard the news, my first reaction was “what took them so long”?… Read the rest

Childless woman dies leaving a will which is now being contested by her nephew

By Nina Steele Julie Spalding passed away in 2008, aged 98. She did the right thing and left a will. However, according to a ruling in 2014, she “did not have the legal capacity to make a legal will”.… Read the rest

Heather Heyer‘s legacy of championing tolerance and racial harmony will be remembered for many years to come

By Nina Steele 32 year old Heather Heyer was killed while taking part in a counter-protest against white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday August 12.… Read the rest

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