Childless woman dies leaving her million plus fortune to charity

By Nina Steele 
Helen Ruddock
Although Helen Ruddock, who is from the UK, died in 2015, aged 96, her story is only making headline news now, thanks to the fund that has been set up as per her will.… Read the rest

Rosa Parks: the childless woman whose courage helped change the course of American history (1913 – 2005)

By Nina Steele In her own words, she “was tired of giving in”, and so, on December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks made a stand against the bus segregation law that had been in place in Montgomery, Alabama since 1900.… Read the rest

A young woman died without a will: now her family is facing years of legal battles for a share of her estate

By Nina Steele I was at the funeral of a 46 year old young woman the other day. She had a successful career as a nurse and worked hard to build a comfortable life for herself.… Read the rest

Centenarian painter and non-parent Carmen Herrera found fame and fortune at 89

By Nina Steele The story of Carmen Herrera is simply remarkable. The Cuban-American abstract painter, was born in Havana in 1915, and started painting in her mid-20s.… Read the rest

Acclaimed architect and non-parent Zaha Hadid died leaving part of her £67 million fortune to her employees

By Nina Steele Dame Zaha Hadid was considered by some to be “the world’s top female architect”. The Iraqi born British architect’s body of work include, the London Aquatics Centre, which was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the Guangzhou Opera House in China.… Read the rest

Clare Hollingworth: The woman responsible for the scoop of the 20th century (1911 – 2017)

By Nina Steele Clare Hollingsworth was 27 when the Second World War broke out. In fact, she was responsible for breaking the news that German troops were about to invade Poland, when she came across them by chance, while travelling from Poland to Germany.… Read the rest

Historical figures without children: Harry Hyams (1928 – 2015)

By Nina Steele 
Harry Hyams
Harry Hyams was a property developer who was notoriously publicity averse, to the extent that he came to be known as the British Howard Hughes.… Read the rest

Help me end the extreme vilification of childless women in the developing world

By Nina Steele As a British woman of African descent, I know what being childless in Africa feels like, and in many cases, it is a brutal affair.… Read the rest

Who shall I leave all my money to?

By Allix Denham  One concern among non-parents, apparently, is the lack of descendants to leave their money to after their deaths.… Read the rest

Donating your organs as part of your legacy

By Nina Steele I wrote an article entitled: ‘The legacy issue when you are a non-parent’, a couple of days ago, in which I talk about the many aspects of leaving a legacy, emphasising the fact that legacy is more than procreation alone.… Read the rest