Selling your possessions when you are childless

By Nina Steele 

I wrote about the importance of having a will some months ago. The last thing we would want is for our relatives to spend years trying to prove that they are related to us, before they can inherit our assets, once we die. We wouldn’t want to go through such an experience ourselves, so why should anyone else?

Having said that, our will says nothing about who should have personal items such as jewellery. Of course these items will be sold when the time comes and the proceeds shared between our beneficiaries. However, I have recently started selling some of my jewellery, as opposed to leaving everything behind.

I am one of those people who like to plan well in advance. I remember already imagining that should we have a daughter, when we were still trying to conceive, that she would inherit all of my personal belongings. With just the two of us, I have decided that I should take advantage of some my possessions while I am still alive.

What prompted this change of heart is the fact that I recently discovered the value of buying second hand jewellery. I bought a few pieces of second hand rings and found myself with old rings that I don’t intend to wear again. Yes I do have nieces that I can give these to, however, they are too young and I didn’t fancy holding on to them for years to come.

I have been giving personal items away for years and will continue to do so in future, however, I now believe that as a childless couple, we should also enjoy the financial benefits of some of these possessions, while we are still alive. I mean why should we pass everything on to other people? Yes they are relatives, but ultimately, we are a childless couple and as such, we are not oblige to provide for anyone, and are only doing so out of the goodness of our heart.

As I found out, there is something quite empowering about starting to deal with these issues so early on in my life. I suppose that this is what being childless does to you. Whether it is selling or giving away possessions, there is not only an acknowledgement of my own mortality, but also a realisation that I can do so, precisely because I am childless.

Have you thought of selling some of your possessions?

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