Kate del Castillo’s performance in “La Reina del Sur” is simply great

By Nina Steele Whenever I am on the hunt for a new series to watch on Netflix, the second thing I do after reading the synopsis, is check how many episodes there are.… Read the rest

Lockdown jokes are proving quite popular

By Nina Steele With so much uncertainty facing us all, finding something to laugh about, even for a few seconds, is bound to do us good.… Read the rest

Coronavirus is bringing about the new earth Eckhart Tolle predicted

By Nina Steele ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle was first published in 2005. I read it around that time. Back then my own spiritual journey was just starting.… Read the rest

One legacy of the coronavirus will be more people eating less meat

By Nina Steele A week or so after panic buying reached the UK, one thing all the shoppers I met agreed on, was the sudden lack of meat everywhere they went.… Read the rest

You know things are bad when you see a great number of people wearing a mask to the supermarket

By Nina Steele I wore a mask to the supermarket for the first time last week. I couldn’t put it off any longer even if I wanted to.… Read the rest

The lockdown has little impact when you are used to a quieter lifestyle

By Nina Steele Soon after the lockdown started in the UK, I came across a video of a young woman, maybe in her 30s, completely distraught at the prospect of spending months not being able to socialise.… Read the rest

We are all being asked to play our part in the fight against the coronavirus, why won’t some people?

By Nina Steele A UK police force was trending on Twitter recently because they shared footage of people going about their business as usual, even though they are not supposed to, under strict coronavirus lockdown rules.… Read the rest

Miriam Margolyes wins the internet again!

By Nina Steele Miriam Margolyes is one of my favourite people. I love a good laugh and she always delivers. She always speaks her mind regardless of who it might offend.… Read the rest

Being in quarantine comes with different levels of challenges

By Nina Steele I reached out to an acquaintance of mine the other day to see how he and his family were faring in these precarious times.… Read the rest

With the coronavirus ripping through countries, being thoughtful of others is needed more than ever

By Nina Steele My heart sank when I realised that panic buying had reached the two supermarkets I do my weekly shopping at.… Read the rest

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