The row over Susan Calman not being paired with a female dancer on Strictly Come Dancing descended into childless people bashing on the Jeremy Vine show

By Nina Steele Last week, I received a twitter message from writer and mother of 2 Chris Longden, a supporter of this website.… Read the rest

Why famed newsreader Moira Stuart is one of my childless role models

By Nina Steele The public uproar that ensued in April 2007, when the BBC decided to part company with Moira Stuart as a TV newsreader, was proof of how much respect and admiration she commended.… Read the rest

A message to supermarkets: handing out children’s toys to everyone at the till is not very smart

By Nina Steele For a good few years now, some supermarkets in the UK have been handing out children related gifts to anyone at the till, regardless of whether or not they have a child or children in tow.… Read the rest

Christine Lampard’s relaxed attitude to the motherhood question is refreshing and speaks volume about her character

By Nina Steele There is no doubt in my mind that for many celebrities, having children has become as much about advancing their careers as it is about being a parent.… Read the rest

When your family won’t take no for an answer

By Nina Steele On a recent trip to the Ivory Coast, I found myself having to justify my decision to cut a close relative out of my life.… Read the rest

The TV series “Bloodline” is a perfect example of the dichotomy between the image we are sold about parenthood and what really happens

By Nina Steele Bloodline is a Netflix 3 part series that was first broadcast in March 2015 and ended its run in May of this year.… Read the rest

Will Kamala Harris become the first US female President?

By Nina Steele If 2020 seems like a long way away for most people, it certainly isn’t for potential contenders for the role of nominee for the Democratic Party.… Read the rest

Emmanuel Macron is right to suggest that African women should have fewer children

By Nina Steele It is my belief that no issue should be off limits in the fight against poverty and if there was ever an issue that determined the fate of people, particularly in the developing world where opportunities are not aplenty, it is population growth.… Read the rest

A feedback from a user in Malaysia whose life has been touched by

Dear Nina,
I am in my 30s and childless due to MFI (Male Factor Infertility). I got married to my husband while I was still at university.… Read the rest

Theresa May says she will be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ in the Brexit negotiations: thank God for that!

By Nina Steele Just like Theresa May, I voted remain, but now, just like her, I want to get on with the whole business of delivering Brexit.… Read the rest