Say what you like about marriage, at least it protects you against some of the vagaries of life

By Nina Steele Two days ago, the Ivory Coast lost one of its most talented artists, aged just 33. His stage name was DJ Arafat (Born Ange Didier Houon).… Read the rest

Family finds a wife for man who died childless so as to continue his lineage

By Nina Steele Yes you heard it right! This I understand from a short clip from BBC Africa, is Igbo custom. For those not in the know, the Igbo people are an ethnic group from Nigeria.… Read the rest

Have the courage to live your best life no matter how big the sacrifice

By Nina Steele I was reading an article the other day about people who have chosen a life of solitude, away from the rest of society.… Read the rest

I love a good laugh and Patricia Routledge in “Keeping Up Appearances”, always delivers

By Nina Steele Patricia Routledge was born on February 17, 1929. She has never married and has no children. Of that, she said in a 2001 interview: “I didn’t make a decision not to be married and not to be a mother.… Read the rest

Jennifer Aniston is the latest A-list movie star to have a big hit on Netflix

By Nina Steele I have to admit that I only watched “Murder Mystery” out of curiosity. I came across a few articles in which it was revealed that the movie, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, had been watched by almost 31 million Netflix subscribers in its first opening weekend.… Read the rest

My glass is always half full, it is a survival mechanism that has served me well

By Nina Steele I have lost count of the number of articles I have read recently regarding mental illness reaching epidemic proportions.… Read the rest

A shout out to all the childfree people out there living their best lives, in spite of society’s continued obsession with procreation

By Nina Steele Unless you haven’t been paying attention, you would most certainly be aware of the debate currently raging in the US about certain states passing laws banning abortion after six weeks.… Read the rest

Kudos to Vicky McClure for showing a side of dementia many people are not aware of

By Nina Steele Vicky McClure is without doubt a great actress. She first came to my attention in the BBC drama ‘The Replacement’ 2 years ago.… Read the rest

Easter was fun and simple with chocolate making a comeback

By Nina Steele I don’t know about you but even though religion is no longer a part of my life, I still enjoy Easter as a holiday.… Read the rest

Victoria Principal credits Dallas for much of the success she has achieved as a businesswoman

By Nina Steele I will always remember Dallas with fondness. It was groundbreaking TV at the time. I remember the streets of my neighbourhood being completely empty 9pm on Friday nights, the time when the show aired.… Read the rest

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