Childfree actress and director Kathy Burke says powerful men in the movie business showed no interest in her as she is not “conventionally pretty”

By Nina Steele I never thought I would live long enough to witness what’s currently happening in the movie industry. It’s fair to say that many of us have heard of the infamous ‘casting couch’.… Read the rest

The plight of the cobalt-mining children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may make you rethink your relationship with your smartphone

By Nina Steele 
Photograph: Sky News
The Democratic Republic of the Congo was once called Zaire. As a country, Zaire was influential throughout the whole of Africa, in great part because its brand of music was the dance music of choice for many Africans.… Read the rest

The TV series “Grimm” is escapism at its best!

By Nina Steele If you are looking for some escapism then I highly recommend the TV series Grimm. It’s one of those unique shows that has the power to make you question everything about the world and our place in it as humans.… Read the rest

It’s a bit rich for Prince William to be lecturing on population growth when he is expecting his 3rd child!

By Nina Steele You cannot make this up! Prince William lecturing on the need to curb population growth because of damage to wildlife, while he and his wife are expecting their third child.… Read the rest

Woman says her lack of self-belief has led to her never finding love

By Nina Steele The woman who is 54, calls herself a “relationship virgin” because she has never had a boyfriend. Also, in an age where sex seems to be everywhere, she has only had it a handful of times.… Read the rest

Overpopulation is real so why are governments around the globe not making it a priority?

By Nina Steele The heavy criticism that Emmanuel Macron received for stating the obvious about rapid population growth in Africa during the 2017 G20 summit, is proof that many people still don’t understand that, unless rampant population growth is curbed, we are all going to suffer.… Read the rest

Tracey Emin is a very successful woman now looking for a life partner

By Nina Steele Tracey Emin’s views on motherhood have been known for some time. She does not want kids and it runs deep.… Read the rest

The institution of marriage is doomed not because the system favours women in divorces but because of the destructive values most people hold today

By Nina Steele Writer Peter Lloyd has vowed never to marry because of the likelihood that he may lose everything he worked hard for if the marriage ended in divorce.… Read the rest

“The Good Place” is a starting point if you ever wondered what happens after we die

By Nina Steele You know a show is good when you start laughing from the word go. And that’s what you get with The Good Place.… Read the rest

I wish everyone would respect Kim Cattrall’s decision not to take part in “Sex and the City 3”

By Nina Steele I watched both Sex and the City movies and frankly, I cannot remember the plot for either one. Even though both movies did well at the box office, the second one was universally panned.… Read the rest