A feedback from a user in Malaysia whose life has been touched by

Dear Nina,
I am in my 30s and childless due to MFI (Male Factor Infertility). I got married to my husband while I was still at university.… Read the rest

Theresa May says she will be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ in the Brexit negotiations: thank God for that!

By Nina Steele Just like Theresa May, I voted remain, but now, just like her, I want to get on with the whole business of delivering Brexit.… Read the rest

A holiday to remember although not so much the road from hell

By Nina Steele 
View of Abidjan from the hotel Novotel
My husband and I have just returned from a holiday to the Ivory Coast, my country of birth (we arrived back this morning).… Read the rest

TV presenter Kate Humble’s honesty about never wanting children is brave and commendable

By Nina Steele There is a tendency for people in the public eye who do not have children to say that they would love to have them.… Read the rest

This story of courage and sacrifice shows that even in Africa, there are people who understand that having children you cannot afford is not a good idea

By Nina Steele I was told a very inspiring story recently of a young Liberian woman who gave her only child away because she could not afford to look after her financially.… Read the rest

We are constantly reminded of the preciousness of life and why nothing can be taken for granted

By Nina Steele I watched a BBC programme the other day entitled ‘Second Chance Summer: Tuscany’. The show follows ten people who for one reason or another, are contemplating starting a new life in Tuscany.… Read the rest

The late actor and non-parent James Avery will be sorely missed if rumours are correct that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is making a comeback

By Nina Steele You know how good a show is when reruns are still very popular, years after the show itself has ended. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which ended its run in 1996, is one of those shows.… Read the rest

What Soul Age are you?

By Nina Steele I found out recently that my husband and I are old souls. I felt the need to know because of the way we live and the fact that we are very different in terms of outlook on life, to the majority of those around us.… Read the rest

Vicky McClure has my complete support for the way she handled the motherhood question

By Nina Steele I have to confess that I didn’t know Vicky McClure until the much acclaimed BBC drama ‘The Replacement’, and as the many reviews and comments have pointed out, she is a very talented actress.… Read the rest

Book Review: Mind Games & Ministers – By Chris L. Longden

By Nina Steele It is refreshing to read a book that is honest about motherhood, as opposed to painting it as this nearly perfect experience that trumps everything else.… Read the rest