The assumptions people make about those without children are often laughable

By Nina Steele A while ago, I met an old friend for drinks. We hadn’t seen each other in years. She is a mother and so our chat inevitably led to children.… Read the rest

Be careful what stories you tell yourself, they may come back to haunt you one day

By Nina Steele I don’t know about you, but I have zero fear of old age, because I know deep down that I will be fine. There is of course a belief that not having children means you will be at a disadvantage in old age.… Read the rest

Of course money can’t buy happiness but it can give you peace of mind

By Nina Steele The biggest story of recent days has of course been about Harry and Meghan publicly admitting to their mental health struggles.… Read the rest

Jennifer Aniston finally joins Instagram and predictably her fans are ecstatic

By Nina Steele On October 15, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram, and less than 24 hours later, her account already boasted over 6 million followers.… Read the rest

I have immense respect for women choosing to do things their way regardless of their environment

By Nina Steele I came across a video on Facebook recently. It was of a woman from Cameroon. She was sharing her experience of being a 31-year-old childless woman in a culture where women her age are expected to be married with children.… Read the rest

Being misunderstood can be frustrating, particularly when it happens too often

By Nina Steele A few days ago, a user posted a thread on the forum about her experience as a childfree woman in her 30s. I have chosen to post it on the main section of the website as well, because some of you will identify with some of the issues she talks about.… Read the rest

There is something blissful about waking up early and you get a lot done too

By Nina Steele Growing up, my mother used to be up very early to do the housework. She was up around 4 am, sometimes even 3am.… Read the rest

There is this assumption that because you have no children, you must have lots of money lying around

By Nina Steele A relative of mine tried to get hold of me the other day. He rang a total of 8 times. I didn’t answer because I knew what it would be about.… Read the rest

A hilarious encounter that reminded me why living your life trying to please others is a bad idea

By Nina Steele A few weeks ago, I was loading the boot of our car with my grocery when a woman approached me. I happily talk to strangers whenever I have the chance and I smiled when she said hello.… Read the rest

Why so much obsession with mobile phones?

By Nina Steele My husband and I recently spent a week in Zermatt, Switzerland. We had a wonderful time there hiking in the mountains.… Read the rest