Listen to Nina Steele’s podcast on completely embracing life as a non-parent

In this podcast, Nina discusses her life from wanting children to living happily childfree. She also speaks at length about the cultural issues she had to work through in order to get to the place of peace she is at now.… Read the rest

Media request for BBC Africa

Are you an African woman, living in Africa and who also happens to be childfree? If so, BBC Africa would like to speak to you. They are having a discussion on the pressure on African women to be mothers and are keen to hear from women who have chosen to be childfree.… Read the rest

A link to Nina Steele’s interview for the website:

As its name suggests,, promotes the childfree life, with an African audience in mind. Children are still considered a person’s greatest achievement on the African continent, and because of that, the majority of people still assume that parenthood is the only way.… Read the rest

Media request for BBC Wales

Are you a childless by choice woman from Wales? If so, would you be interested in being featured for a piece on childlessness on the BBC Wales website?… Read the rest

JOIN NONPARENTS.COM’S ONE THOUSAND STORIES CAMPAIGN! is passionate about educating people so they understand all the aspects and complexities of being a non-parent. One way of doing that in addition to all the resources available on this website, are through the personal stories of childless and childfree people everywhere.… Read the rest

Being childfree from an African perspective

What’s the reality of being a childfree African woman? That’s the question that was put to Nina Steele, founder and editor of this website, in an interview for the website:… Read the rest

Calling all childless and childfree people worldwide! is one the most recognised websites for people without children. Since its launch in 2013, it has been featured in many media platforms, including BBC Africa, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Mail Online, to name but these few.… Read the rest was mentioned in this great piece on parenting for the Yorkshire Times

The article is in response to the study carried out by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which claims that having children makes you live on average 2 years longer.… Read the rest

Media request for BBC radio Sheffield

Are you a non-parent from South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire in the UK? If so, would you like to appear with Nina Steele on BBC radio Sheffield to discuss childlessness?… Read the rest

Media request

Kathleen North, Freelance Journalist has contacted with the following request: I am seeking a female aged in her 20’s – early 30’s who has been sterilised.… Read the rest