1 in 5 women aged 45 are childless according to figures from the ONS

Read the full article on the Office for National Statistics website


  1. Julez Fitzmond says

    I think there are definitely more women now than ever who choose not to have children, because their priorities in life are so different. Back when women were housewives and nothing more, NOT having children would have been unthinkable. But now we have choices, and I applaud that.

    • Women’s aspirations have changed. While the main focus for our mothers’ generation was to be a homemaker, the main focus for many women today is to make something of their lives, i.e. have a career. We all know that taking maternity leaves and getting a promotion can be a bit tricky and so many women feel compelled to put off having a family. Society has changed and it can be argued that one of the major changes is focused around the place of women in it. While once they were considered to be second to their husband, today they are seen as equals. I must hasten to add that this is mostly in Western countries, as in many developing and third world countries, women are unfortunately still considered second to their husbands.

  2. It’s good that people are getting to know about this. I’m clearly not as “rare” as I thought. It can seem as though everyone is having children apart from me, so this really is brilliant to read. I just hope that not all of these women are made to answer as many questions as I am!!

    • This trend is not about to be reversed and so society will have to face up to this new reality. Successive governments have tended to focus their attention on families with children and this is new trend means that equal attention has to be given to those without children as they become a major force in society.

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