The Baby Matrix: A must read for every childless person


  1. It is funny how some books resonate so much with you that you feel as though you could have written it yourself. The baby matrix by Laura Carroll is one such books. If you are still questioning your choice to remain childless or you are still struggling with coming to terms with not being able to have children or just like me you are after books that tell the truth about childlessness, then please order your copy today.

    The book is well researched and the findings in it are what I always believed in. For example that at the core of all of us is the truth of who we really are and what our purpose in life is and that having children is just one of life’s paths, not the main one. This goes totally against what we have been raised to believe, namely that having children is what we should all aspire to, regardless of whether it is something that resonates with our core purpose or not. In a nutshell, the book aims to encourage us to follow our core truth and if it does not include children then so be it. Because we live in a child centric world, the assumption that we should all have children is deeply ingrained in most of us and it is now for each one of us to break away from that assumption and live a life that is authentic. Great book!

  2. LauraCarroll says

    Hi Nina,
    Laura here-thanks for great words on The Baby Matrix! It is for readers with interest in the many faces of childlessness, and it is also for parents, and want to be parents as it challenges some big assumptions of our pronatalist society, and lays out the many negative effects of pronatalism for us all, parents and not. How we think about parenthood and reproduction in today’s society needs a serious look so we can all make the decisions that are best for each one of us, for all of those already on the planet and our world! In other words, pass on this book to anyone you think might want to know what the ‘baby matrix’ is in our society today!

    • I without doubt count The Baby Matrix as one of the best books I have read so far. A book for me particularly at this point in my life has to be educational and also challenge some of the established norms and ideas and The Baby Matrix does all of this. Yes it goes beyond being a book for childless people only to being a book for pretty much everyone. The assumption that the book challenges, namely that we should all aspire to have children regardless of whether we feel it is for us or not is something that everyone in society will most certainly understand. Whether they agree with it or not is a different matter.

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