Confessions of a Childfree Woman by Marcia Drut-Davis: A great read!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Marcia does not shy away from discussing difficult issues such as being a childfree woman married to someone with children and all the challenges that come with being a stepmother, along with many other subjects including her appearance on a US TV show that turned her into a hate figure overnight. A must read indeed!

  2. Older nonparent says

    Many thanks for sharing my memoir,Confessions of a Childfree Woman”, . It’s been an eye-opening experience for me. I would have thought, in this day and age that choosing to remain childfree-by-choice is acceptable. (That’s what I heard over and over from too many publishers!) If you were to read the hundreds of personal letters from all over the world telling me how they appreciate my memoir, you would see why we must continue to make this a viable, respected choice. It’s NOT an accepted choice. People are still labeled as being irresponsible or immature. Until we see the joys of the childfree lifestyle shared in public education, I can’t rest!
    Having close to 2,500 followers on my facebook page ( and reading my blog ( every day, is humbling.
    There’s so much to be changed to make people more aware of realities and not the fluffy myths about parenting. How many reports of child abuse must we read before something is done? And, that being said, many childfree people are devoted to helping children, pets and this planet. We’re not child haters. We can nurture is many ways. For those who don’t enjoy children, shouldn’t they be appreciated for making the right choice? For infertile people, shouldn’t they be aware they can choose childfreedom and not be labeled as being “less than” or “barren”?
    I’m thrilled to have a book touching people’s hearts. I’m sad that we still need this kind of book.

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