Watch Nina Steele’s video on childlessness and gratitude


  1. Hello Nina,
    After seeing your video on childlessness and gratitude I feel more inspired than before.
    You are quite right that we have to count our blessings each day, the fact that we are in this world for starters! and refrain from comparing ourselves with others because there will always be someone better than us but also someone worse than us! What is important is that we use our compassion and help those who might need us and as the Dalai Lama once said “Share your knowledge. It is the way to achieve immortality”

    • Hi Mayflower, thanks for your feedback on my video. I felt compelled to make it, because often, videos have a greater impact. It is one thing for people to read your articles, and another for them to actually see you. I wanted to tackle all those ignorant views about what constitutes a blessing. Many people take everything in their lives for granted. They don’t even realise that the fact that they are able to breathe is a blessing. I wanted to remind them of that and I am glad that the message has struck a chord. Thanks for being an active member of this community.

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