The Forgotten Summer – our next book club choice

The Forgotten Summer written by best-selling author and award-winning actress Carol Drinkwater is our next book club choice. The book is fiction and takes us through the trials and tribulations of a wealthy family in the South of France. Although husband and wife Luc and Jane Cambon are the main characters in the book, Luc’s mother Clarisse Cambon is a towering figure whose dislike of her daughter-in-law makes up most of the drama in the book. Unknown to Luc, both women share a secret, which is at the root of the schism between them. But what is it?

Discussions on the book will begin on Monday August 1st and will run throughout the whole week. Here is a link to the forum where the discussions will take place.

You can purchase either the Kindle or paperback versions of the book on Amazon.

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