Readers’ Stories

Are you childless by choice or circumstance? Share your story

Ellabelle’s Story: My whole future changed for the better when I decided not to have children

Growing up with an undiagnosed learning disability, not really knowing what I was good at, and being quite a nurturing person, I always assumed that I was destined for motherhood.… Read the rest

Sandrine’s Story: How I learnt to find strength in my infertility

I have been struggling with infertility since 2014. That same year, after going through various medical tests, I was found to have two blocked fallopian tubes, and a lot of fibroids.… Read the rest

Brittany’s Story: How I made a deliberate choice not to have children

There are some who think that because having children is often a deliberate choice that not having children must be a passive decision.… Read the rest

Anette’s Story: Finding out about today of all days has been a Godsend

Warning – this is not yet a happy story and it is actually quite self-pitying. I apologise. I am hoping it will be cathartic. I got married five years ago to a man with three children from his previous marriage.… Read the rest

Author Karin Rahbek’s Story: A Danish perspective on choosing the childfree life

Karin Rahbek
The feeling that motherhood is not for me has been with me for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I thrived in adult mature company.… Read the rest

Ronke’s Story: My life ended the day my uterus was removed

I turned 35 this month, and instead of feeling excited and hopeful about the future, I am living in fear. That’s because, I don’t know what the future holds for me.… Read the rest

Amina’s Story: I have been abandoned by my heartless and ungrateful husband for being childless

I married my husband 4 years ago. I am from Tanzania and he is from Ghana. He works in the Middle East, while I live here in Tanzania. During our first year of marriage, we had an arrangement whereby he would visit 3 to 4 times a year.… Read the rest

Author Dann Alexander’s Story: Why I had a vasectomy at 23 without children

Dann Alexander
It’s just not for me. It’s not for many others. The choice of just saying “no” to having children seemed like maybe the easiest decision I have ever made.… Read the rest

Allix D’s Story: Not having children has made our relationship stronger

I always got the impression that having children were the second, third and fourth worst mistakes my parents made, after marrying each other.… Read the rest

Nina’s Story: Acceptance the key to happiness

By Nina Steele 
Nina Steele
At 38, after trying to conceive for 9 years including going through fertility treatments, my husband and I decided to call it quits and move on with our life.… Read the rest