Readers’ Stories

Are you childless by choice or circumstance? Share your story

K’s Story: I am finally OK with my life as a woman without children

I had my first miscarriage in 1986, followed by one during my not very successful marriage in 1996 and then the saddest one in 2006 with my soulmate.… Read the rest

Lisette’s Story: I have always preferred work over children

I’m 64, childless and now also grandchildless, and I still love to work. It suits me well that I am not asked, like many of my peers, to have a fixed grandma day a week so the young parents can continue their two track lives of family and career.… Read the rest

Lisa’s Story: I just love being single and childless

I’m 61 years old. I have never been married. I never had kids. And I love every minute of it! I was raised in a strict conservative pre-Vatican II Catholic Christian family.… Read the rest

Amy’s Story: How I ended up childfree

I’m 45, so I guess that’s the age that we realize it’s almost too late to have children. The regret of not having children should start to creep into my mind.… Read the rest

Keturah’s Story: The simplicity of knowing you do not want children

Looking to pitch a story about childfree black women to a mainstream publication, a journalist friend asked me: “When did you know that motherhood was just not for you?” Any woman who is childfree by choice is familiar with this question.… Read the rest

Cleo’s Story: People don’t believe you when you say you are a happily childfree woman and here’s why

How do you feel when someone begins a sentence with “I’m not X, but…” or “I don’t hate X but…”? It doesn’t matter what words follow the buts because the “I’m not X, but…” evokes immediate suspicion.… Read the rest

Pooja’s Story: How we went from wanting children to living happily as a childless couple

I feel ready to share my story, after being married for 10 years. I hope it can be of use to anyone reading it and that some people will learn from my mistakes.… Read the rest

Sean’s Story: Being childfree in Zimbabwe

Childfree???, I didn’t know that word existed. You grow up being actively encouraged to follow the so called life script: go to university, get a Job, get engaged/pay bridal price, get married, get a mortgage, raise kids and just die.… Read the rest

Writer Rhonny Dam’s Story: I’m fairly happy in life and have zero regrets about never having a child

There was never a time when I wanted to have a baby. When I was of that doll-getting age, the ones that you could feed and that you had to change were all the rage.… Read the rest

Leah’s Story: I have walked away from relationships because of the children issue and won’t hesitate to do it again

Whenever I hear people complain about how difficult it is to be a parent, my first thought is to remind them that it was a choice they made.… Read the rest