The case for spending it all when you are childless

By Nina Steele 

I have noticed recently that my attitude to what my legacy should be is changing. As I grow older and become more and more aware of my own mortality, the reality that no direct descendants will be left to benefit from what we have worked so hard to accumulate, is becoming ever so clear, prompting me to ask myself some very uncomfortable questions.

As a couple, we understand the need to do things right, which is why we made a will. This is so our relatives don’t end up spending years, trying to prove that they are related to us, in order to get a share of our estate. If things carry on the way they are in terms of the UK housing market, those in line to inherit our assets, will end up with quite a windfall.

With that in mind, I am now tempted to spend as much of our cash as I can, and my husband shares the same sentiments. Not having children gives us that freedom, and takes away the guilt that many parents feel. We both work hard and believe in saving for rainy days. However, when you have no children and with the passing of time, you start becoming aware of the fact that should you die tomorrow, your savings will have been for nothing.

As I wrote a few days ago, being childless has led to the birth of a new philosophy, which is all about making the most of life. And one way to do that is to enjoy the fruit of our labour right now. I mean, it makes no sense to do all that hard work, only to leave it all behind.

I watched a TV programme on the BBC, presented by Anne Robinson a few weeks ago. It was about how people spend their money. One of the people interviewed, was a successful young business woman with no children. Her philosophy was to work hard and play hard. Which in her case meant a great deal of spending on designer goods and eating out. Although we may not share the same values as far as spending a great deal of money on designer goods is concerned, I understood her overall take on life.

There is definitely a case for spending it all when you are childless, at least in terms of hard cash. Even if we don’t manage to get through to the last penny, at least we will give it a try.


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