Another story highlighting the impact of modern living on the old family structure

By Nina Steele Dan Peterson is 82. He fell into a deep depression after his wife died. He completely lost the will to live and was waiting for death to come knocking so he could be reunited with his beloved wife.… Read the rest

Plan for old age starting with where you would like to live out the rest of your life

By Nina Steele We were in Scotland to visit my in-laws this past weekend and inevitably, issues related to old age formed a great part of our discussions.… Read the rest

The murder of Helen Bailey is a cautionary tale for anyone looking for love online and that includes men

By Nina Steele Understandably, the death of Helen Bailey has shone a light on Internet dating like never before. The common thread that is emerging from all the articles that have been written about the case so far, is that, it is predominantly middle-aged women who fall victims of conmen online, because of their willingness to do anything in order to avoid ending their days alone.… Read the rest

Granny Dumping shames us all and shows once again that having children is no guarantee for a peaceful and happy life in old age

By Nina Steele I couldn’t help shedding some tears while watching BBC Panorama the other day. The show was about the much publicised case of Roger Curry, a 76 year old pensioner from the US.… Read the rest

Is co-housing one of the solutions for fighting loneliness in old age?

By Nina Steele A few weeks ago, the media reported the opening of the first ‘UK senior co-housing project’. It had taken 18 years to come to fruition.… Read the rest

Watching former newsreader and mother of one Jan Leeming complain of loneliness proves once again that loneliness in old age can strike anyone

By Nina Steele 
Jan Leeming
The Real Marigold hotel, the BBC 2 programme that Jan Leeming took part in, along with 7 other celebrities was a delight to watch (I still have the final instalment left to watch).… Read the rest

Are non-parents better equipped for old age?

By Allix Denham  Old people who have face-to-face contact with family or friends three times a week are less likely to get depressed than those who don’t, according to a 2015 University of Michigan study.… Read the rest

Will I regret not having children?

By Allix Denham  One of the many comments you hear aimed at non-parents is “You’ll regret not having children when you’re older”.… Read the rest

1 in 4 childfree women end up regretting their decision not to have children, according to research

By Victoria Fryer  Earlier this November, an article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald detailing some new research indicating that one in four women who chose not to have children eventually regretted that decision.… Read the rest

Changing times: Man charges his elderly mother for visiting her

By Allix Denham Recently the British press ran the story of a financial consultant son who charged his 87 year old mother £400 each time he visited her in her care home, as well as for managing her financial affairs, just as he would any client.… Read the rest