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Are you aware of an International Childfree Day celebration? (2 replies)

Older nonparent
7 years ago
Older nonparent 7 years ago

There's Mothers and Father's and Grandparents day every year. Now, we have a childfree day! August 1st is the day. It started back in 1974 when Ellen Peck, my friend and author of the book "The Baby Trap" started it in 1974. After her death, the holiday waned. It's been resurrected by The International Childfree Day committee. (
What will you do to celebrate childfreedom?

7 years ago
Nina 7 years ago

I love the idea of a day dedicated to people without children. It is my view that although we still have a fair way to go, the stigma attached to not having children is lessening and promoting such a day will certainly help create awareness.

7 years ago
Dbohio1969 7 years ago

Never heard of it before this moment. I will look at the website. Thanks for the info.

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