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How supportive is your GP? (2 replies)

Dawn Kells
8 years ago
Dawn Kells 8 years ago

It made me think, when reading some posts about women feeling as though they're nothing but a number in the system - what about when you go to your GP?

In theory, your GP is one of the only people who will know the full extent of your medical history and, if you visit a lot, may even have got to know you as a person. So really, you need them to be absolutely on your side at all times. Have you found this?

From a personal perspective, I have found that the support from my GP has sometimes been a bit lacking. I have chosen not to have children, yet my GP will not prescribe contraception because of her religious (Catholic) beliefs. Although, technically, we have available clinics in our town, I live in a tiny village with no public transport links so it's very difficult to get to where I need to be. I have felt at times as though I was unsupported.

Julez Fitzmond
8 years ago
Julez Fitzmond 8 years ago

I had never heard of GPs being able to refuse contraception until reading this, but on a little research it seems that it is true, as long as they give you an alternative - although obviously if you're out in the country it's a bit harder.

I had heard of pharmacists refusing to dispense the morning after pill, though, and I can't say that I agree with it. In my opinion, as controversial as it may be, if you don't feel as though you can do certain aspects of the job then you shouldn't be in that job at all.

However, my GP has always been supportive. I have only had two for my entire life, and I have had to see them a lot because of various problems, so they know me well. I always feel as though I can go and talk to them and, if they can't help me, they always refer me to somebody who definitely can.

8 years ago
Nina 8 years ago

This is news to me as well. I never thought that GP's could opt out of prescribing some medicines. I am surprised that this is not getting as much media attention as the recent uproar about segregation on campuses. Considering how important contraception is to many women, to refuse to prescribe this even if they can still get it from another surgery is to me unprofessional. Religion should be taken out of the NHS, this is a public body and those within it should make a pledge to serve everyone and that includes other public bodies as well.

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