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"You don't understand, you don't have children". (2 replies)

Julez Fitzmond
8 years ago
Julez Fitzmond 8 years ago

Has anyone had this thrown in their face when talking to either friends or family with children?

I was simply having a joke with a friend about how she refused to come out for the evening, and got "you don't understand, you don't have children".

I felt as though that was a bit harsh, a) because I was only joking and b) because I would love children!

Does anyone else say this to you? And do you feel as though there ARE things that you don't understand for this reason?

8 years ago
Nina 8 years ago

That is very harsh indeed. No this has never been thrown at me. I suppose realistically, it is probably best to make friends with other childless people, to avoid upsetting friends with children by saying things that aren't meant to upset in the first place. What I have come to notice is that many people with children, particularly those with very young children can be under quite a lot of stress and yes not having children, I may not understand the full extent of the pressure these parents are under. This Michael McIntyre video on youtube gives you an idea of the type of pressure parents are under, which might explain the remark your friend made:

Dawn Kells
8 years ago
Dawn Kells 8 years ago

I have had this said to me, but I will admit that I have never felt as though it had been in a nasty way. I feel as though some people think that they are better than everyone else just because of the fact that they have children, and that's not true at all. But if I were you, I would put them straight on it as soon as possible.

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