I admire Sarah Millican’s honesty about preferring life with her pets over having children

By Nina Steele 

It is always refreshing to hear a celebrity not afraid to tell the world that they don’t want children. Well in Sarah Millican’s case, she went further to say that she does not like children. Whether you agree with her or not, the fact that she has the courage to say it, is in my opinion, commendable. Often, because of society’s obsession with children, most childless celebrities feel the need to either remain vague on the subject or they go out of their way to reassure the public that they do want to have children at some stage. Thankfully, as Sarah Millican and a few other celebrities have shown, there are still some left with enough courage to say the unthinkable, and I suspect that courage will not go unnoticed by a public increasingly fed up with celebrities trying too hard to be liked.

In the Podcast she did for BBC Radio 4, her honesty is such that I suspect it may have upset a few of the hard core types who cannot and will not accept that anyone can be happy without children. She for example reveals that she always avoids sitting next to families with children in restaurants. She also recounted an incident when a mother insisted on having a picture of her standing next to her baby, to Sarah’s complete discomfort. She just doesn’t like children and is not afraid to say so. She is however completely devoted to her pets, two cats and a dog.

One other thing she mentioned in the podcast, is the reaction of some people whenever she tells them that she does not like kids. They always try to convince her of the contrary, as if they know her better than she knows herself. The usual wishful thinking from those ignorant souls who do not understand that there some among us who are just not into kids.

She also revealed that she is often reminded of the fact that, because science is now making it possible for women to have children far later in life, she can still have kids, even in her 60s, should she ever change her mind! Really! Here we have a woman who went from a broken heart following the breakdown of her first marriage, to a successful comedian (she has now remarried), and all some people want to talk about is motherhood? Well at least one thing is certain, Sarah Millican is not the type to shy away from telling it like it is, whether some people like it or not.

Sarah Millican

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