Inspiring the next generation of childless women and men

By Nina Steele 

Regardless of how much inner strength we possess, when we are going through tough times, having the support of others can make a real difference. The support I am alluding to does not have to be face to face; it can take place online or via other mediums, such as text messages and telephone calls, to name but a few.

In spite of the many negative stories that we often hear about the Internet, online support networks have become an essential part of life for many. With more and more of us living busy lives, being able to catch up online whenever we can, feels less pressurised and brings with it a certain element of having control over our lives.

Such support networks can have a major role to play when you are dealing with infertility, or not sure about whether or not you want children. As we all know, being childless in our child centric societies can be quite a challenge. Imagine then being a young woman or man, dealing with those issues. Unless you happen to be a member of a very sophisticated and open minded family, chances are that, those around you would either encourage you to keep trying or try to convince you to follow the conventional path by becoming a parent, just like them.

I felt a lot of sympathy for a young woman, who has been trying to conceive for many years. With no history of infertility in her family, all she keeps hearing from those around her is “never give up”. She and her partner have already spent thousands on IVF treatments, without mentioning the emotional cost. They are now at a stage where they are seriously considering letting go of their dream to become parents, and live happily childless. However, they are also worried about becoming the odd ones out in both of their families. I hope that reading about and having the support of other childless people, will help with their transition.

Having had to deal with this very issue once, I know exactly how they feel. However, unlike them, I wasn’t aware of the many support networks that were available online. With many childless/childfree websites around today, young people like them, can get the support that may not be available to them from their own families.

Inspiring the next generation of childless men and women to live happy and fulfil lives matter because, the happier people are, the more positive their contribution to society is likely to be.

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